Dublin: 8 °C Wednesday 22 March, 2023

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# Slieve Gullion
Irish Air Corps called to help fight wildfire in Armagh
The fire is just two miles from the border.
# hot weather
It's still going to be hot this week ... but cloudy skies and scattered showers are on their way
Meanwhile, Irish Water has warned that water supplies may be at risk of significant restrictions or outages until the end of the year.
# grease
Motorists warned about dangers of soft tar mixing with rain when the weather inevitably changes
A greasy film, one which makes travel by car treacherous, may form on Irish roads as a consequence of melted tar mixing with rainwater
# hit or kiss
9 summer lip products that won't melt off your face in this heat
No more melty faces, please.
# reptile weather
Irish lizards thriving in the heat, but fires pose a particular danger
The warm weather means they can reach their optimal temperature without having to bask for hours.
# High pressure
Many Irish maternity hospitals don't have air con. Here's how they've been coping in the heatwave
There have been reports of new mothers and pregnant women in hospitals struggling with the heat.
# Cloud At Last
It will be cloudy today - but it will still be roasting
Early indications are that the good weather will continue for most of next week.
# quebec
At least 19 people killed in Canada heatwave as temperatures soar
12 of the dead were reported in the eastern province’s capital Montreal.
# Heatwave
Firefighters tackle large forest blaze on Slieve Bloom
Roads have been closed and helicopter water drops are taking place.
# Temple Street
Children's hospital pleads with parents to keep their children protected from the sun
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital has seen a spike in the number of children presenting with serious sunburn in the last week.
# Your Say
Poll: Are you spending more on your groceries as a result of the heatwave?
Ice-cream, alcohol and barbeque foods have been in high demand in recent weeks.
# Limerick
Man says mother developed sepsis in 'torturous 42 degree' hospital ward
Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe said that hospital management “should be responding to the needs of their patients”.
# Heatwave
The DSPCA have been sharing videos of their staff feeding ice-pops to horses and pigs
We’ll remember this heatwave fondly when it’s on Reeling In the Years.
# Infestation
How to protect your home from becoming fly-infested in the heatwave
More flies causing annoyance as the hot weather soars – what can you do about the pests?
# Heatwave
Irish Water issues another urgent appeal for people to conserve water as Dublin hosepipe ban to kick in
In all, 39 water supplies around the country are under night-time water restrictions.
# Heatwave
Quiz: Are these heatwave 'facts' true or false?
It’s so hot.
# Monkey Business
Ice pops and mud baths: Keeping Dublin Zoo's residents cool in the heatwave
Lounging by the pool is an activity all mammals seem to enjoy.
# Weather
Met Eireann issues drought warning for entire country as heatwave continues
The weather service issued the warning this morning at 11.
# Heatwave
Public asked to keep an eye out for distressed fish during heatwave
Not everyone is enjoying the heat.
# Heatwave
Here are some of the best photos readers around the country have sent in this week
Ireland is looking fierce well this week.
# nah it's lovely
Is it too hot yet? We hit the streets to ask
Are you melting? Are you sweltering? Is the heat just too much for you?
# Fitness
Turn up the heat! How to train safely during spells of warm weather
It’s important to heed some basic advice when it comes to training in high temperatures, writes personal trainer David Last.
# Heatwave
Crews deal with 'melting roads' and gorse fires as temperatures soar across the country
Latest reports from Met Éireann show that the max temperature recorded today was 30.8 degrees.
# get the sun cream
Ireland's having a heatwave and people aren't coping at all
Irish people aren’t built for this AT ALL.
# Fire Safety
Rare Condition Red forest fire warning issued as highs of 30 degrees forecast tomorrow
Temperatures are due to range between 24 to 30 degrees tomorrow, according to Met Éireann.
# Heatwave
Irish Water says Dublin water restrictions could be 'unavoidable' as hot weather persists
“This is a very serious situation and we are seeking the public’s help,” Irish Water said.
# Azores High
Here's why Ireland is basking in a heatwave this week
Each day will get hotter as the week goes on, and it’s because of a weather system coming from the mid-Atlantic.
# hot hot heat
Supplies already under pressure due to hot spell, Irish Water says
Met Éireann said that temperatures will reach as high as 30 over the next few days.
# Heatwave
Hydration stations to be set up for rough sleepers in Dublin as temperatures soar
A charity group has also appealed for donations of water and sunscreen.
# Status Yellow
Weather warning: Temperatures expected to reach 30 degrees this week
Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow temperature warning.
# Heatwave
'Any excuse for a pint': A snapshot of Dublin city in the Spring sunshine
We took a short stroll around Dublin to see what effect the sunny weather is having.
# Heatwave
Temperatures to hit 19 degrees this weekend ... but milder weather is to return early next week
Be sure to make use of the barbeque before the cool weather returns.
# Heatwave
How old is Nuala Carey? Wikipedia put her at 'babe' years of age
Because time is simply a concept we invented.
# triple digit temperatures
Houses destroyed in 17 wildfires as California gripped by record-breaking heatwave
Over 3,000 firefighters battled the blazes yesterday.
# Dress Code
This guy was told he couldn't wear shorts to work during the heatwave, so he wore a dress instead
Women are allowed wear dresses to keep cool, so?
# Litter
Irish beaches left covered in rubbish after thousands soaked up the sun
Broken bottles, dirty nappies, discarded shoes, towels and backpacks were left behind on a Cork beach.
# hot hot hot
Sunny weekend ahead with highs of 25 degrees early next week
The UK is set for a mini heatwave with temperatures reaching the low 30s.
# live like Roscommon people
Ireland's hottest temperature in July was recorded in Roscommon
Met Éireann data comes as the State of the Climate report shows that heat, greenhouse gases and sea levels all climbed to record highs last year.
# hottest day of the year
12 tweets that prove Ireland is gone stone mad with the heat
THE NATION IS SUFFERING (and not being overdramatic, swear).
# Heatwave
15 photos of Dublin looking savage in this heatwave