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17 Tinder bios that will make you want to stay single forever

It’s a jungle out there.
Apr 29th 2015, 1:17 PM 14,957 0

BE CAREFUL ON Tinder folks, it’s a jungle out there. Just take a look at these special snowflakes…

1. Nathan, your family have a point

gbu5YNM Source: Imgur

2. Jake and his dream, quite scary, date

CA15dgUUUAAkk2D Source: gabriellem1995

3. Alison, and her questionable Nintendo analogy

8T9bpoO Source: Imgur

4. * Applause*

O8ev5He Source: Imgur

5. So relevant Layla

E2LGCrh Source: Imgur

6. Try again, Ling

6833d9001d065ffeb9955cbe3647aad0 Source: Pinimg

7. Melissa sounds too good to be true

Hot-crazy-tinder-bio Source: Tinderlolz

8. Don’t let the Guinness fool you

uTfRQ6q Source: Imgur

9. No comment


10. Miles knows what’s up

p9H9TGi Source: Imgur

11. Mohannad is sending us mixed messages

7Av12Sz Source: Imgur

12. Simple maths can win you over, it seems

X7hDeUH Source: Imgur

13. You’ll cook who, Ryan?

jlrixjQ Source: Imgur

14. A work in progress, indeed

MTI4OTkzMjg3MTAwNTQ5MTMw Source: Blazepress

15. There are OTHER reasons to get into a relationship?

B8QJrDBCMAAc7qN Source: TheMilkManWVU

16. This charmer

tpqfg8x Source: Imgur

17. And finally, we’ll leave the last word to Petar

5XTEWaj Source: Imgur

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