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A 92-year-old Irishman's magnificent life advice is inspiring people on Facebook
# humans of dublin
A woman’s heartbreaking story about a bus journey to Dublin is going viral on Facebook
“I may never see her again, but I know in that moment I was her best friend all the way to Dublin.”
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These two Dublin women reminiscing about their 60-year-old friendship is lovely
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This Humans of Dublin story about a boy and the loss of his father is heartbreaking
“Every kid needs a hero, and I already have two.”
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This comedian's Humans of Dublin story about his mammy is so heartwarming
“She fought tooth and nail for me”.
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Everyone has fallen in love with this old married couple on Humans of Dublin
“I keep losing him.”
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Here’s why Humans of Dublin is the best Facebook page in Ireland
A must like.
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This adorable elderly couple on 'Humans of Dublin' have captured hearts on Facebook
Love knows no age.