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This guy went on TV to defend catcalling. Here's what happened next...
Everyone’s talking about this interview segment.
New video features 10 hours of 'street harassment' of a man in NYC
“Hey powerful”.
Opinion: Street harassment influences how women experience the world
In terms of social geography, street harassment changes the way women experience and use public spaces – it is made smaller, it is limited.
"Damn girl!": Woman secretly films 10 hours of street harassment by strangers
She was even followed by a man for five minutes as she walked.
Column: Shouting ‘nice arse’ isn’t innocent, and we shouldn’t ignore it
Seemingly innocuous comments to women are part of a spectrum of harassment – and it’s time we did something about it, writes Jenny Dunne.
“Keep walking, I’m gonna rape you” – Irish street harassment stories shared on Hollaback
Since its launch earlier this month, women have shared experiences of being jeered at, physically picked up by strangers and threatened with rape.