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# Hormones

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Men's testosterone levels largely determined by their childhood environment, study finds
The study challenges the theory that testosterone levels are controlled by genetics or race.
Serena Williams leads 'disappointed' reaction to Djokovic comments on women's tennis
Andy Murray says there should ’100%’ be equal pay for male and female competitors.
Scientists harness hormones to create 'super-soldier' ants
An entire genus of ant – of 1100 species – can be mutated into larger-than-average creatures with a touch of hormones.
Fatherhood causes drop in testosterone - and may keep men loyal
New research suggests that men are “biologically wired” to remain for child-rearing – as testosterone levels drop after a partner gives birth.
Scientists 'turned mice gay' through hormone immunity
Researchers in China bred mice with brains unreceptive to serotonin, and found that they lost the impulse to mate with females.
Women believe deep-voiced men are more likely to cheat
Study shows that tone of voice may signal higher risk of infidelity.
China investigates dairy plans over 'baby breasts' allegations
A powered baby milk is being investigated after it caused baby girls to grow breasts.