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# Horse Meat

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Nearly 3,000 thoroughbred horses slaughtered for meat in Ireland since 2020
Over 6,500 horses were slaughtered in Ireland for human consumption last year
Irish farmers' anger at 'decimation' of income
Coveney wants more 'communication' between farmers and beef factories
Live insects, glass... and a human tooth in a takeaway --- a busy year for the food safety hotline
Bangladesh tragedy and horsemeat scandal put ethics on consumer radar
People buying fewer frozen burgers after horse meat scandal
Column: Hunger and the horsemeat scandal, both the consequences of inequality
Richard Manton
ABP sells Silvercrest plant mired in horsemeat controversy
Ikea may still sell horsemeat tainted meatballs
Irish firm among hundreds hit by new horsemeat scandal in the Netherlands
Horsemeat scandal: Dept refuses to release over 200 pages of emails with FSAI
Tesco withdraws own-brand meatloaf after finding 5% horsemeat
Well, that didn't take long...
Birds Eye says products containing horse DNA came from Ireland
FSAI says 29 out of 634 beef products tested positive for horsemeat
Icelandic tests reveal beef pie has... no meat content whatsoever
Tesco say their products are free from horsemeat
7 things Ireland has done in the first 50 days of its EU presidency
Horsemeat: Focus on Naas company over imported Polish meat
Services company says Rangeland products tested positive for horse DNA
Horse DNA found in products supplied by firm run by minister's brother
Coveney: 'I suspect this isn't just one rogue trader, it's broader than that'
Brussels calls for mandatory beef DNA tests across the EU
EU agriculture ministers to discuss horsemeat controversy in Brussels today
Oireachtas agenda: Promissory notes, eco-cars and horse meat
As many as 16 countries could be hit by horse meat scandal
Senior British MP calls for EU meat ban
France investigating 'criminal fraud' in horsemeat scandal
Aldi frozen bolognaise, lasagne dishes 'at least 30pc horse' - tests
The Evening Fix... now with added musical history
French watchdog trying to find 'origin of horsemeat fraud'
Column: The Irish beef business model is broken and needs to change
Patrick Burke
Findus 'horse meat' lasagne on sale in Ireland
Don't eat Findus frozen beef lasagne, advises FSAI
Rangeland Food recommences production, says it was "victim of fraud"
McAdam Foods "shocked" to discover equine content was in its meat products