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Supermac's distances itself from the Rangeland Foods horsemeat scandal
It comes after Rangeland Foods has had to withdraw some of its beef burgers after batches tested positive for horsemeat.
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Rangeland Foods withdraws burgers after horsemeat discovered
Some beef burgers tested positive for between 5 per cent and 30 per cent horsemeat.
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Coveney: 'I suspect this isn't just one rogue trader, it's broader than that'
Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney described the complex supply chain that led to one case of horsemeat ending up in frozen beef products in an interview this morning.
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Brussels calls for mandatory beef DNA tests across the EU
Tonio Borg wants 2,500 tests on beef products, and 1,500 on horsemeat products, to ascertain the extent of the labelling problem.
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EU agriculture ministers to discuss horsemeat controversy in Brussels today
Agriculture Minister, including Simon Coveney, meet today as officials in the UK last night raided two firms alleged to be connected to the mislabelling of meat products.
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Coveney to chair 'informal' EU ministerial talks on meat mislabelling
EU member states will discuss the issue at a meeting chaired by Ireland’s Agriculture Minister.
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Irish processed meat product manufacturers asked to carry out DNA testing
The Minister also announced that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the UK’s Food Standards Agency will work closely together on the horsemeat issue.
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Up to 60% horse DNA found in Tesco spaghetti bolognese
The supermarket retailer has apologised for letting its customers down, saying that a DNA testing programme is now underway.
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As many as 16 countries could be hit by horse meat scandal
Attention is now turning to the complex nature of supply chains in the food industry in Europe as a Romanian abattoir is identified as one possible source of the contamination of frozen beef products.
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Senior British MP calls for EU meat ban
The head of the British parliament’s food affairs scrutiny panel has called for a ban on importing meat from EU countries until the horsemeat scandal is resolved.
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Horsemeat contamination likely 'not accidental': Findus UK
Findus UK says it is taking legal advice after early results from its internal investigation “strongly suggest” that the presence of horsemeat in its frozen beef lasagne meals was “not accidental”.
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France investigating 'criminal fraud' in horsemeat scandal
France’s Ministry of Agriculture is launching an investigation into the ongoing horsemeat scandal, which it says they consider a matter of “criminal fraud”.
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Findus beef lasagne meals may have contained 100pc horse meat
Britain’s Food Standards Agency says tests have shown at least 60pc horse meat content in a beef product – and maybe more.
Column: Horse meat scandal reveals fatal flaw in our whole food industry
It suits big food retailers to push cheap products, but the end result is an insult to the Irish farmers who worked so hard to build up the industry, writes Seamus Sheridan
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'Somebody is selling rogue product, and somebody knows about it' - Coveney
The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, also said that ‘bad management’ at Silvercrest had let down the Irish food industry.
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Poll: Are you confident in Irish food production?
The horse meat controversy rumbles on but has it impacted on your confidence in Irish food production?
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Burger King to stop sourcing beef products from Silvercrest Foods
Equine DNA had been found at the Ballybay, Co Monaghan plant earlier this month.
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New test results show no trace of horse DNA in Liffey Meat products
A range of beef burgers sampled by the Department of Agriculture from products manufactured by Liffey Meats between 10 to 16 January 2013 have tested negative for equine DNA.
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Video: Here’s what happened when someone dressed as a horse went to Tesco
This was bound to happen…
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Goodman: Horse DNA tests could be contaminated 'by the air'
The man behind Silvercrest Foods breaks his silence as Dutch authorities say they are investigating a possible source of DNA.
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Oireachtas meeting on horse burgers delayed by new findings
TDs have decided to hold off on meeting to discuss the horse meat developments until all appropriate information is available.
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Source of contaminated beef burgers identified, says ABP
The company said it believed it had “established the source of the contaminated material to one of these two suppliers” following yesterday evening’s Department of Agriculture results,
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The Evening Fix… now with added hovering DeLorean
Here are the things we learned, loved and shared today.
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The Evening Fix… now with added ice hockey humiliation
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Horse meat inquiry: contamination was likely 'accidental'
The FSAI has said there is no evidence of widespread ill practice, where horsemeat is being substituted for beef.