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# Iceberg

This year
Iceberg nearly the size of Greater London breaks off Antarctic ice shelf
The British Antarctic Survey said the formation of the new iceberg was not due to climate change.
All time
World's largest iceberg - slightly bigger than Majorca - breaks off Antarctica
The iceberg is around 170 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide, and is floating through the Weddell Sea.
Receding Chilean glacier a 'sign of accelerating climate change'
The 270 square kilometer glacier receded by 500 meters , more than half the amount lost over the previous decade.
Greenland villagers moved to higher ground as vast iceberg threatens flooding
There are fears it could flip or that sections could break off.
This plan could see an iceberg being towed to Cape Town to ease drought conditions
Earlier this year, Cape Town came within weeks of forcing residents to queue for water rations at public stations as a result of a drought.
A trillion-tonne iceberg has snapped off west Antarctica
A team of researchers said it had no immediate impact on the sea level.
A huge chunk of ice 60 storeys high is about to break off Antarctica
The Larsen C shelf would be one of the biggest icebergs in history.
You can now buy 'luxury' water from melted icebergs for €94
It has a superior mouth feel, apparently.
Deep, deep blue: This is what a flipped-over iceberg looks like
Incredible beauty.
VIDEO: ‘That day was almost our last’ – narrow escape from ‘iceberg tsunami’
Like the guy says: “Wow.”
Cold mountain: This is the iceberg that sank the Titanic
The significance of this picture was only discovered long after it was taken by a seaman on another liner cruising off Newfoundland at the time Titanic sank.
Who owns the Titanic, and who can dive at the wreck? has been looking into issues surrounding the Titanic disaster 100 years after the ship struck an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage.
17 bits of tacky Titanic memorabilia
From shower curtains to inflatable slides, here are some of the items you may not want to mark the disaster’s 100th anniversary with…
Researchers finish first complete map of Titanic debris site
The ship sank one hundred years ago next month on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic.
Titanic memorial cruise sells out for 100th anniversary voyage
Cruise following the route of the Titanic’s maiden journey is to set sail from Southampton in April 2012.
Got €150million to spare? How about 5,000 items from the Titanic...
The treasure trove of personal items and sections of the huge liner’s hull is up for sale – 100 years after the Titanic sank.