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6 reasons it's completely ok to watch and enjoy I'm a Celeb...

It’s actually gas, y’know.
Nov 18th 2013, 11:34 AM 3,059 1

THESE DAYS, IT’S not really ‘cool’ to watch reality TV shows.

Despite pulling in millions of viewers, lots of people are ashamed to admit they watch them.  However, there should be no shame in watching and enjoying I’m a Celeb, and here’s why:

Ant and Dec

ant and dec

They’re just gas, they really are.

One of the celebs always has to do all of the bush tucker trials and has a freak out

Like Gillian McKeith who ‘fainted’ live on air after being told she had to do another bush tucker trial:

Source: TheIceSkatingFan

Someone always turns out to be unexpectedly sound

Like Dougie from McFly…

dougie Source: ITV

And Janine from Eastenders


And Margaret Thatcher’s daughter

thatcherForWeb_2050826i Source: Screengrab

There might be a love story

Source: Trine Einarsen

Even if it doesn’t end well.

Someone is always ridiculous

Like Helen Flanagan who put fake tan on while living in the jungle.

Fake tan.  While LIVING IN THE JUNGLE.

helen 2

Source: Jalli Vemula

And you get to watch celebrities do scary, horrible things

joey Source: Buzzfeed

carlton That's Carlton, guys. Carlton from the Fresh Prince! Source: Buzzfeed

helen crabs

Sure, what more could you want?

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