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IMF may need to start their own fund...for new shoes

The man leading the IMF mission in Romania has been spotted with a hole in his shoe. Does he need a lend of a few euro himself?
May 13th 2011, 11:38 AM 1,851 0

ROMANIA HAS BORROWED millions from the International Monetary Fund, but many are wondering if they need to lob a few quid back in the direction of the IMF after one of their top officials was spotted with a hole in his shoe.

Jeffrey Franks, who is the IMF Mission Chief for Romania, was in the country for a visit with president Traian Besescu when an eagle-eyed photographer noticed that maybe they should have had a cobbler on speed dial.

To be fair to Franks, he has more important things on his mind as he oversees plans to get Romania’s economy back on track. He says that the country’s central bank may have to change monetary policies in the next few months in order to meet targets, but that the chances are fairly low that Romania will need access to IMF money this year.

If leaky soles are de rigueur around the IMF then Ajai Chopra might need to watch his step next time he comes to Ireland to avoid the puddles…

I wonder if Jeffrey Franks knew in his sole that he needed new shoes…

If Franks can turn the Romanian economy around then it would be quite the economic feet..

Ok. That’s enough.

Can you beat my feeble shoe puns and come up with a caption? Your best efforts are welcome in the comments section below.

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