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# Immigrants

Last year
Over 64,000 people emigrated from Ireland in year to April 2023
Debunked: A public killing and attempted abductions latest in baseless claims against migrants
Debunked: No, 'immigrants’ are not suspects in a Finglas assault case
All time
Eight migrants found on cargo ship in Waterford have been deported
Taoiseach says racist 'scaremongering' in communities needs to be called out
New US rule aims to deny citizenship to migrants who get food stamps, Medicaid and other benefits
Hundreds of undocumented migrants detained in US immigration raids
'It is what keeps me awake at night': Irish fears rise as migrants are detained in the US
23 trafficking victims who came from abroad helped by Immigrant Council of Ireland last year
350 migrants 'break violently' into Mexico as new caravan arrives
'Archaic' visa law in Ireland keeping people from their families this Christmas
'Gripping and gritty': Praise for new RTÉ crime drama set around direct provision centre
Trump says 'tent cities' to be built for migrants as thousands of troops sent to Mexican border
FactCheck: Is Varadkar right to say immigrants are more likely to be working than Irish people?
US government still holds 565 immigrant children
Trump calls for 'these people' to be deported 'without courts or judges'
Hours after doubling down on family separation policy, Trump backs party plans to end it
'Indefensible, immoral, shocking': Coveney on the separation of children at US borders
Melania Trump and Laura Bush hit out at separating of families at US border
Explainer: Why Trump's new 'inhumane, cruel' policy is separating children from their parents
What is the 'Windrush generation' and why did it lead to a major apology and a resignation?
Pressure heaps on Theresa May after home secretary resigns over immigration scandal
Contract awarded for new immigration unit with detention cells at Dublin Airport
'National shame': UK government apologises after threats to deport people who had right to stay
'They laugh at our dumb laws': Trump says deal for young immigrants is off the table
'I'm very frightened': Stories from people who were denied entry at Ireland's border
Female Indian doctor attacked and Nigerian UCD student lost eye: Ireland's unwelcoming 1960s
Bryan Fanning
First Irish populations had dark skin similar to Cheddar Man, DNA research suggests
Sean Spicer says 'there's a difference' between Irish and Mexican immigrants coming to US
Illegal non-EU workers common in care work and catering industry
This TD has been tasked with helping the 50,000 undocumented Irish in the US
Trump cancels Obama policy that allowed illegal immigrant parents stay in America
Surprise inspections at workplaces as Sweden gets tough on immigration after terror attack
Australia to axe the 457 temporary work visa
Trump administration rewrites the rules with sweeping crackdown on illegal immigrants
Trump administration denies plan to use National Guard to round up illegal immigrants
'I remember a Paddy's Day visit by Haughey when four Irish were put on a London-bound flight in handcuffs'
Ray O'Hanlon
Trump takes first step towards building Mexican wall
FactCheck: National Party leader Justin Barrett's claims about immigration
Julien Mercille: 'Trump is simply continuing policies pursued by Democrats'
Julien Mercille