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20 wildly inappropriate cakes that should have never been baked

Sometimes you shouldn’t say it with cake.
Aug 13th 2014, 9:29 PM 68,423 20

THE GREAT BRITISH Bake Off is back and we’re all determined to be amazing bakers.

Just remember that a cake, while it will solve most things, it won’t solve everything.

1. When your local baker is a fool


2. Nothing says Happy Graduation like a random statement

6aVHDD0 Source: Imgur

3. You’re number ONE, but your cake sucks

eBYORYz Source: Imgur

4. Best to have said nothing at all

funny-cake-messages-at-least-pretty Source: Smosh

5. Nice of them to emphasise the teen

teen.jpg Source: Pophangover

6. What day? Their last? Deeply sinister

Your-Day-Has-Arrived Source: Thedatereport

7. Just be direct

15-marisolcutepics-1 Source: Barnorama

8. But not too direct. Wink wink


9. Maybe consider a deeper apology than a cake

a98124_cake-text_1-baby Source: Sodahead

10. Make sure it represents them perfectly

fcKoXtC Source: Imgur

11. Cake solves most things, but there’s a line

sorry-i-blacked-out-cake Source: Neatorama

12. Learn what ‘that line’ is, and do not cross it

fire.jpg-2 Source: Cake Wrecks

13. Make it look appetising… or easily mistaken for your cats litter box

1288126162_kitty-litter Source: Fabulous Food

14. On the other hand, cakes are perfect for colleagues leaving for pastures new

51b35d1aa0bc1 Source: Happyplace

15. Or asking for things nicely

wendy-b-lw-you-owe-us-money Source: Alleged to be Delicious

16. Even breaking bad news

KsdjIlE Source: Imgur

17. Sometimes you just have to laugh about it all

YaRTtQe Source: Imgur

18. Creamy cakes are probably not the best way to seduce

Aimee-T-linked-naked-guy Source: Thedatereport

19. Or wish expectant mothers well

10710906-22484975-thumbnail Source: Cakewrecks

20. Seriously. Nightmares

10710906-22485045-thumbnail Source: Cakewrecks

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