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14 signs we suspect aren't being entirely honest with us

These are not “ok”.
Jun 16th 2014, 9:30 PM 53,578 28

WE’RE SUSPICIOUS ABOUT the true intentions of each of these signs. Verrrry suspicious.

1. We’re going to die now, aren’t we?

1077 Source: Distractify

2. We’re not buying it

4-29-12-suspicious-quotation-marks-funny-photos2.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Vt34AOEVbZ Source: Daily Dawdle

3. Why you lie?

unnecessary_quotation_marks_04 Source: Acidcow

4. Erm, we’ll pass, thanks

image111-620x Source: Pulptastic

5. What even is this? So confused

unnecessary_quotation_marks_16 Source: UnnecessaryQuotes

6. We don’t think they’re that sorry at all

sorry Source: BlogSpot

7. Carefree and “sexy”, our dream tree

unnecessary_quotation_marks_12 Source: Acidcow

8. Oh, please, proceed to slice us open

unnecessary_quotation_marks_29 Source: Acidcow

9. They don’t value those shoppers AT ALL

valued Source: Unnecessary Quotes

10. So safe in your hands

unnecessary_quotation_marks_21 Source: Acidcow

11. Oh and here’s your hefty bill

complementary Source: Unnecessary Quotes

12. Whatever this is, it’s not going on our hands

image021-934x Source: Distractify

13. We “would” ;)

wouldyou Source: Unecessary Quotes

14. Finally. Some sanity. All is not lost

eda5bc16faea6c444efcd8e7b1b5295f Source: Pinterest

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