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11 words that prove Irish people do insults better than anyone else

Ya gowl.
Apr 6th 2016, 1:08 PM 40,482 5

THE IRISH CAN lay claim to being the best in the world at quite a few things – ranging from mortifying weekly chat show moments to quality spice bag reviews.

We’re also world beaters at the creation of unique insults – and some words prove it:


dry Source: flickr

So much can be summed up about a person’s character with just one cutting phrase. They know what it means, you know what it means – exactly how language should be.


geebag Source: flickr

Breaking down the literal definition of this doesn’t do it justice – geebag is more than the sum of its parts.

And a quintessential Irish insult.


gowl Source: flickr

“Ah, you’re some gowl” is one of the finest insults ever uttered. And it sounds so much better in a Limerick accent, too.


insult1 Source: flickr

Prefaced with “ya little” makes this insult extra jaunty.


dirtbird Source: flickr

Absolute mank.


shitehawk Source: flickr

A minus craic bird of prey.


gom Source: flickr

Throwback to the old days, where our nation knew the value of a good, ridiculous-sounding slagging.

This current generation has taken on their good work.


eejit Source: flickr

Mild, but still extremely effective in getting across the point that you think someone is an absolute clown.


wagon Source: flickr

Most people have a bit of wagon in them, given the right environment. Using this word to describe someone else brings with it a unique sense of Irish satisfaction.


muppet Source: flickr

Rest of the world: hilarious characters from your childhood and/or A Christmas Carol.

Ireland: An absolute dope.



Given the inherent inventiveness and flexibility of Irish insults, you can add “-bottle” to it to give it that extra oomph.

Our gifts to the world.

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