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This year
What to know about Argentina's shock 'anarcho-capitalist' presidential frontrunner
He is ultraliberal on the economy, against the minimum wage, and wants austerity “harsher than that requested” by the International Monetary Fund.
Ukraine's foreign minister says Russia UN Security Council presidency a 'slap in the face'
The United States has also criticised Russia’s role and its permanent seat on the Security Council.
Britain will be only major economy to plunge into recession in 2023, IMF warns
The IMF predicts that the UK economy will contract by 0.6% this year, 0.9 percentage points worse than its previous forecast in October.
All time
Pandemic 'solidarity tax' on wealthy individuals or companies is on the table, says IMF
The IMF has also backed calls for a global minimum rate of corporation tax.
Explainer: How did the price of oil slump to below zero dollars a barrel?
The price has been plummeting thanks to an unprecedented decline in demand.
IMF cancels debt payments of 25 'vulnerable' countries amid Covid-19 pandemic
The debt payments of the countries, which are primarily in Africa, will be cancelled for at least six months.
Greek banks reopen as citizens face massive price hikes
Greeks will be able to withdraw up to €420 at once per week.
Home of former IMF boss searched in new money-laundering probe
Rodrigo Rato has already been charged in two graft cases.
Ireland is the IMF's star pupil. But that doesn't mean you're getting any debt relief
International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde says “a debt is a debt and it is a contract”.
The Universal Social Charge isn't going anywhere - Noonan
Michael Noonan says it’s here for the “foreseeable future”.
Michael Noonan has struck a deal that will save Ireland €1.5 billion
The Finance Minister has been in Milan urging EU colleagues to support his push for early repayment of IMF loans.
Ireland second to Bermuda as 'conduit' for taxable income of US multinationals - IMF staff paper
Corporate tax avoidance is bad for the global economy, paper reports.
'We're a normal country now': Brendan Howlin said goodbye to the IMF's man in Dublin today
“I met him to say goodbye to him, he’s leaving next week,” Brendan Howlin said today.
Ukraine rescued by IMF bailout
The fund of up to €13 billion will avert bankruptcy amid Ukraine’s escalating standoff with Russia.
Greece could get more cash after Troika agree next step in bailout programme
Meanwhile, IMF chief Christine Lagarde denied any wrongdoing as she was questioned for the third time by French prosecutors in a corruption case.
Welcome to the club: Spain exits its bailout... with 26% unemployment
The IMF has warned that the country faces five more years with high unemployment unless it enacts more reforms, including major wage cuts.
Central Bank governor: The bailout programme did what it said on the tin
Honohan said, now that we have exited the programme, “the rest is up to us”.
Decision on credit line will make it ‘more difficult’ to access future supports
A report published by the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council today has warned that the changes in Budget 2014 have removed our “margin of safety”.
The reviews are over but we may not leave for "a number of years" --- IMF Mission Chief
Ireland remains on track to exit the bailout following the final review, but the IMF says it has no immediate plans to withdraw its officials from Dublin.
Column: Debt ceiling, government shutdown: what is the future of American democracy?
The world breathed a collective sigh of relief when an eleventh hour deal ended the US government shutdown – but it only fully funds the government until January, writes Larry Donnelly.
IMF want Ireland to 'continue track record' of budget cuts
The IMF’s Gerry Rice wants Ireland to keep pace with cuts but did not rule out a reduction to deal with the “drag on growth”.
Confirmed: Troika agrees to delay water charges until 2015
The EU and IMF have agreed to a request from the Irish authorities to delay the first bills from early 2014 to early 2015.
Videos: Enda takes a walk with Cameron and Obama... and then Lagarde
The Taoiseach is among the world’s most powerful leaders in Fermanagh again today.
Icelandic PM vows to ignore IMF's advice
Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson says he will ignore the IMF’s criticism of his government’s plans to reduce household debt following the country’s economic collapse.
Aaron McKenna: Political ideology is preventing Ireland's economic salvation
Politicians are too busy trying to point-score with the electorate on social issue to address the real danger to our way of life – our tanking economy. A new party, focused on economic policy, is vital for Ireland, writes Aaron McKenna
You'll be charged for your water from October 2014 (if the Troika agree)
Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin want Troika approval to start charging from October 2014, with the first bills in 2015.
Talks on public sector pay likely to top agenda on latest Troika mission
Officials from the EU, IMF and ECB arrive in Dublin today to conduct their tenth review of Ireland’s bailout programme.
IMF approves latest round of bailout loans for Ireland
The approval of nearly €1 billion in new lending means the IMF has handed over about 89 per cent of the total loan.
Cypriot parliament approves first EU bailout measures
MPs voted in favour of a national solidarity fund meaning the nationalisation of public and private sector pensions and of capital controls to prevent a run on banks.
IMF open to extending repayment date on Ireland's €19bn bailout loans
Christine Lagarde says the IMF has an “open mind” about allowing Ireland to defer its repayments if it helps end the bailout.
Enda Kenny meets IMF chief Christine Lagarde in Dublin
Lagarde will mark International Women’s Day by hosting a lunch in Dublin.
Risk of Greece euro exit 'drastically reduced' says its Central Bank governor
Latvia to ask permission to adopt the euro
The country, which had previously borrowed €7.5 billion in bailout funds, intends to send a formal request to the European Union this month.
Explainer: How Irish bailout documents keep getting leaked to the public... via Germany
Yet another batch of draft documents has made its way out via the Bundestag. Here’s the story of how it happens.
Plans to cut another 9,500 public jobs are 'too costly', says Troika
A leaked European Commission report raises questions over Brendan Howlin’s plans to further downsize the public sector.
Troika recommends cuts to specialist doctors' salaries
In a leaked document, the Troika suggests a number of radical measures to address the health service overspend including hiring specialists from abroad, cutting doctors’ pay and making savings on the cost of drugs.
IMF approves latest €890 million loan - and warns against mini-Budget
The Washington-based fund affirms its stance that additional budgets during the year should be avoided.
French court delays Strauss-Kahn sex charge ruling
A French appeals court will delay a decision on whether to drop pimping charges against the former IMF chief until December.
Video: Greece left waiting for aid as EU and IMF disagree
IMF chief Christine Lagarde visibly disagreed with Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker at a press confernece last night.