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Quiz: Did an Irish person invent this?
We can claim a fair number of inventions across the world.
This guy has invented a special 'glue' for women to seal their vaginas shut during their periods
He thinks it will replace tampons. Guess what people who actually have periods think?
How much do you really know about your phone?*
*Not your phone specifically, but the features that make it what it is.
6 inventions that Irish women would love to see become a reality
Get on it, inventors.
11 essential inventions for people who are always tired
Wrecked? Or just lazy? Either way, we’re here to help.
11 ingenious solutions all lazy people will covet in the kitchen
Never think in the kitchen again.
13 deadly inventions you are going to want in your life immediately
Why didn’t we think of that?
This is the only way we want to eat Nutella from now on
Well, not the ONLY way, but…
Teenagers invent a condom that changes colour if you have an STI
It’s all about the molecules.
9 cool innovations that should become part of everyday life
The future is *almost* here.
Ever smashed your phone? Apple's new invention could change your life
The pain of having a cracked screen could become a thing of the past.
Genius turns his ice-maker into sweets dispenser, lives the dream
What a man.
Japanese researchers win Nobel for inventing the "revolutionary" LED lamp
The LED has helped in the fight against global warming and also helps people in poverty.
You need this wearable futon bed in your life right now
What a time to be alive.
8 world-changing things you never knew were invented by Irish people
We’re a brainy bunch.
This British inventor wants to 'fart' at France with a giant mechanical arse
Exactly as it says.
Mother of Invention: 11 happy accidents in the lab and the kitchen
Taking the wrong turn was so right.
18 ingenious cooking inventions you need in your kitchen immediately
Take every single scrap of our money.
Open thread: What invention would you most like to see?
Be as creative as you like.
17 wonderful inventions to solve all your first world problems
Never be slightly irritated ever again!
Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Get out there and show bubble wrap some love.
9 futuristic inventions we were promised but never got
We’re tired of Hollywood’s empty promises.
Everything you need to know RIGHT NOW about NeverWet
Books AND gaming both have place with student entrepreneurs
Feeling down about the future of this country? These enterprising students give us a sense of hope…
8 things that genuinely seemed like they would change our lives
But probably didn’t.
7 inventions that put a stop to domestic rows
“Did you turn off the immersion?”
4 stupidly simple but successful new inventions
Start-up turns community-generated ideas into clever new products, paying back lifetime royalties to inventors.
Column: Why it’s important to look at the stars – literally
It’s good to be curious about a world outside our own, because being inquisitive in the past has gotten us where we are today, writes Conor Farrell.
Check out this life-size Mousetrap game
Gigantic fun and games at New York engineering and inventor festival.
7 Dublin curiosities that tell of capital's inventive past
New book, Ingenious Dublin, charts the world-shaking discoveries, inventions and feats of engineering that came out of the capital – and helps you find physical signs of them yourself.
Afraid of needles? 'Jet-injected' drugs may have solution
Scientific researchers are developing a ‘jet-injector’ to get medicine to the right spot – by using pressure, rather than a puncture of the skin.
Try these for size: Irish inventor selling 200 ideas for new products
Fancy your own startup? Bill O’Riordan says he doesn’t have the skills to make money from his gadget ideas – but hopes they can spur others on to success.
9 fictional film items we really, really wish existed
Lightsabres, hoverboards, and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – will someone invent them for us please?
Irish doctor who invented the modern injection remembered
Plus, some other things that you may not have known were invented by Irish people (spoiler: one is chocolate milk!)
Ireland above EU average for innovation - study
A Europe-wide study rated us highly for research and skills – but noted a lack of financial support for innovative products.
Ever needed boots fitted with a blood pressure sensor? You're in luck
These boots, and many other semi-useful ideas, are being showcased at the world’s largest inventions fair in Geneva today.
Irish invention makes Time's Top 50 inventions of 2010
Sugru – a dough that “looks like Play-Doh” but “acts like Super Glue” – makes a major list of top new inventions.