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7 distinctly Irish chat-up lines guaranteed to work every time*

Feb 15th 2015, 9:30 AM 18,871 6

SO YOU DIDN’T get the shift on Valentine’s Day? Too bad.

Look, don’t get too upset about it. Try these excellent and thoroughly appropriate lines on your next night out, and watch as potential sweethearts literally fall at your feet.


buriedpeople Source: Wikimedia

A little macabre, yes, but this shows you’re down for the long game.


cheeseline Source: Shutterstock

The only time this shouldn’t work is if the flirtee is lactose intolerant. Otherwise, you’re golden.


farmselfie Source: Facebook/Irish Farmers' Journal

A simple question that clears up a lot of things about how your relationship may progress. Use it well.


winkyface Source: Wikia

Simple, charming, to the point. Best served with a jovial wink.


shiftyou Source: Shutterstock

The trick here is that you’re trying to sound like you wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole, but you actually would. Playing hard to get, Irish style.


niccage Source: Tumblr

The quintessential Irish chat-up line isn’t even a line. It’s the belief that through sheer force of will, the person you fancy will realise you want to talk to them, without you having to say a word.


shiftmemate Source: Flickr

If all else fails, employ the services of a third party to act as a go-between.

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