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Irish guy has loveliest web chat ever with Optical Express customer service agent

Graeme is our new favourite customer service agent.
Feb 5th 2015, 6:45 PM 10,608 7

CUSTOMER SERVICE WEB chats are usually dull affairs with neither party really making an effort with the other. At least one person usually winds up being frustrated or dissatisfied.

TL;DR – they’re nothing to write home about.

Until now, that is.

An Irishman named Daragh was using Optical Express for research purposes when he got talking to a customer service agent named Graeme.

It started off like with the some cordial introduction and Daragh revealing that he was on top secret business.

optical1 Source: fallibleflop/Blogspot

They became fast friends and soon started bonding over James Bond and music.

optical2 Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

Then things got real deep.

optical3 Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

But they quickly steered it back to LAD stuff

optical4 Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

Before enquiring as to what each other’s plans were for the evening.

optical5 Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

But then disaster struck and Daragh was cut off! How would he resume his chats with Graeme?

graeme GIVE ME GRAEME Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

Fortunately, they soon reconnected.

graeme2 Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

And resumed bonding over their lovely girlfriends/crap lunches.

graeme3 Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

Before parting ways and bidding farewells

graeme4 Source: falliblefop/Blogspot

<3 u, Graeme.

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