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The 13 most beautifully Irish newspaper items of 2013

It’s been quite a year.
Dec 28th 2013, 8:15 PM 42,068 20

HERE, WITHOUT further ado, are the most quintessentially Irish items published in our nation’s newspapers in 2013.

We present them in reverse order.

13. This disturbing close call with a jumper


12. This frightening warning

Source: Imgur

11. This unimprovable sunny-weather headline

Source: Imgur

10. This nice family portrait of the Obamas

Source: Aaron McAllorum

9. This computer repairman in the ‘clairvoyants’ section

Source: Mark Roche

8. This terrifying photo/headline juxtaposition

Source: Imgur

7. This unfortunate mishap

Source: Imgur

6. This disturbing tale

Source: Ciaran McHugh

(Which later turned out to be a hoax.)

5. This important incident

Source: Dundalk Leader

4. This encouragement from the Health Minister

Source: Imgur

3. This advert for a ‘priest-owned’ sofa set

Source: Deborah Hadley

2. This wonderfully innocent title layout

Source: Lee Binding/Twitter

Which went viral worldwide in November.

1. And this unbeatable coverage of the royal baby.


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