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11 things Irish people are obsessed with the price of, according to Google

We’re a practical bunch.
Apr 28th 2015, 3:15 PM 11,347 4


GOOGLE’S AUTOCOMPLETE FUNCTION gives us an insight into what we really care about spending our cash on in Ireland.

Here’s the top 11:

1. Funerals


Right at the top of the list, funeral cost instantly comes up when you search “how much does a * cost in Ireland” on our version of Google.

2. IVF treatment


3. Braces

I chopped my hair off. Source: Flickr - Photo Sharing!

4. Building a house

Warehouse buildings under renovation on Hulme Street in Little Ireland, Manchester, UK Source: Flickr - Photo Sharing!

5. The NCT


6. Weddings

Church of the Ascension, Annahilt. Source: Flickr - Photo Sharing!

7. Boiling a kettle


How very Irish.

8. Making a will

Last Will And Testament Source: Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Coming in just below boiling a kettle.

9. The cost of a passport


10. How much to spend on a car

Ormond Street: The Liberties of Dublin - A Walking Tour Lead by Pat Liddy Source: Flickr - Photo Sharing!

11. A unit of electricity


Don’t ever change, Ireland.

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