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15 things that prove Irish people have this dating thing down to a tee

We’re pros.
Jan 23rd 2017, 9:30 PM 10,556 2

ROMANTIC IRELAND IS dead and gone, they said.

But is it really?

1. Just look at this girl’s marvelous response to a lad asking her if she wanted some Irish beef

2. Or this insight into what Tinder is like in rural Ireland

eimear Source: Éimear/Twitter

3. How about this girl’s very public declaration of love for Marty Whelan?

America has John Cusack standing underneath a girl’s window with a boombox. Ireland has girls propositioning Marty Whelan on Winning Streak. You tell us which is more romantic.

download Source: RTÉ Player

4. Ah yes, the frontage question

The cornerstone of any Irish relationship.

ladco Source: etherkelly/Twitter

5. We excel at coming up with romantic backstories

img Source: Imgur

6. In fact, Mass plays a surprisingly big role when it comes to dating in Ireland


8. Let us never forget the time a lad on First Dates Ireland texted his mate to say he was desperately holding in his farts lest they be caught on his mic

A true gentleman.

download (1) Source: Darren McMahon/Twitter

9. We’re not afraid to namedrop…

10. And we always come prepared

Fh3JPTB Source: Imgur

11. Our chat-up lines are pretty on point

12. We’re not afraid to go after something when we really want it

*writes letter to ridey barman*

13. And, oh yeah, we go there

14. *hopeful face*

15. And finally… we know exactly how to impress a potential paramour

“Bottle of Buckfact, m’lady?”


C2S0ZMpXUAAA2Mx Source: Meanwhile in Ireland/Twitter

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