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8 examples of very Irish politeness

Sorry, you bumped into me.
Apr 24th 2014, 1:04 PM 47,187 62

1. Saying sorry when you’re not in the wrong

This can happen when:

  • Someone bumps into you
  • Someone is in your way
  • Someone drops something while they’re handing it to you


2. Keeping up appearances

Nothing like collapsing in a heap and reaching for the wine as soon as your houseguests finally make a move.

Until then, you are a beacon of grace and poise.


gf2 Source: @GearoidFarrelly

3. Taking a drink

You’ll have a drink.
No I can’t, I’m driving.
Ah go on you’ll have a little one.
No really, I’m driving and I’m actually allergic to alcohol.
Just a small one. You will.
I really can’t, I might die.
A go on.
Grand so. Pint.

 4. Getting off the phone

Nothing like letting the other person think you’re doing them a favour by ending the conversation, when really you’re ready to throw yourself down the stairs rather than talk to them for another second.

let you go Source:

5. Alighting from a taxi/someone giving you a lift

As soon as you get within two miles of your door it’s customary to start bleating:

Anywhere here is grand.

car Source:

6. Never, EVER calling around unannounced

If you make a house call without giving your potential host at least two hours notice they are well within their rights to either hide behind the curtains or stay very still in the kitchen until you go away.

curtains Source:

7. Rejecting compliments

Irish people cannot accept praise. It must immediately be rejected, and if possible, downgraded.

hames Source:

8. Saying thanks to the bus driver

What kind of ANIMAL doesn’t say thanks?


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