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Can you help work out the name of this mysterious Irish town?

A Redditor needs your help in the hunt for his Irish heritage.
Mar 13th 2014, 8:06 AM 3,421 9

WE’VE ALREADY SEEN a hunt for an Irish house end in success on Reddit this year but now another one of the site’s users needs your help.

JDonn82 was doing a bit of digging about his Irish ancestry when he came across a baptism record online.

He couldn’t make out the name of the town on the document and posted it to Reddit Ireland in the hopes of obtaining some assistance.

This is the baptism record of my 4x great grandfather’s brother, I am trying to locate the hometown of his parents.

Here’s the electronic copy of the document which he posted on Imgur.

Source: Imgur

Suggestions offered by helpful Redditors thus far include an older spelling of Mullingar, or Mullantur in Northern Ireland.

Are they correct? Or can you do one better?

Source: Giphy

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