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# irish wedding

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# irish wedding
10 people you are absolutely guaranteed to meet at every Irish wedding
It’s just a fact.
# classy in a massey
This bride from Monaghan drove herself to her wedding in a Massey Ferguson
She said it was a dream of hers since she was a child. Tick that one off the bucket list, so!
# ya scumbag ya maggot
This Galway bridesmaid surprised the newlyweds with a gas Fairytale of New York-style speech
“He’s handsome, she’s pretty, they both love Fair City.”
# i've got a brand new
This bride and groom from Cork arrived at their wedding reception in a combine harvester
As you bloody well do.
# Ice Ice Baby
A bride from Mayo rapped her wedding speech to Ice Ice Baby, and it's really something
“He’s my nice nice baby/ He bought me ice ice baby!”
# attaaack
This little Irish boy found a way to completely steal the show at his aunt's wedding
# irish wedding
14 Signs You're At An Irish Wedding
“Come running home again Katie…”
# Hiace van
This Irish best man pulled off the most epic speech at his brother's wedding
It featured an absolute tune and a flash mob at the end.
# i gotta feeling
25 thoughts every Irish person has at a wedding
“Where are the bloody sandwiches?”.
# sing it
This Irish lad pulled off an epic best man speech for his brother's wedding
This is some effort.
# big reveal
Irish newly-weds pull off wedding entrance to beat all others
It’s creative, we’ll give them that.
# it's not unusual
Irish groomsmen put on QUITE the show for ladies at wedding dinner
Beef, salmon or dance-off?
# irish weddings
15 people you'll always meet at an Irish wedding
There’s always one.
# conga time!
This Galway hotel's unintentionally hilarious promo video is the greatest
Honestly, it’s wonderful.