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10 people you are absolutely guaranteed to meet at every Irish wedding

It’s just a fact.

This bride from Monaghan drove herself to her wedding in a Massey Ferguson

She said it was a dream of hers since she was a child. Tick that one off the bucket list, so!

This Galway bridesmaid surprised the newlyweds with a gas Fairytale of New York-style speech

“He’s handsome, she’s pretty, they both love Fair City.”

A bride from Mayo rapped her wedding speech to Ice Ice Baby, and it's really something

“He’s my nice nice baby/ He bought me ice ice baby!”

14 Signs You're At An Irish Wedding

“Come running home again Katie…”

This Irish best man pulled off the most epic speech at his brother's wedding

It featured an absolute tune and a flash mob at the end.

25 thoughts every Irish person has at a wedding

“Where are the bloody sandwiches?”.

Irish newly-weds pull off wedding entrance to beat all others

It’s creative, we’ll give them that.

Irish groomsmen put on QUITE the show for ladies at wedding dinner

Beef, salmon or dance-off?

15 people you'll always meet at an Irish wedding

There’s always one.

This Galway hotel's unintentionally hilarious promo video is the greatest

Honestly, it’s wonderful.