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WATCH: The world yo-yo champion has insane skills

Look at him go-go.
Aug 14th 2013, 4:02 PM 870 1

WE ALL WENT through our yo-yo stage in the 90s.

You’d spend hours learning to master walking the dog, rocking the cradle, the sleeper or the formidable ‘around the world’.


Well Janos Karancz from Hungary never gave up, and now look where he is. Yo-yoing with the best, to a bit of trad music.

He even steps into it. He steps into the yo-yo.

The audience are all

Our eyes can’t keep up.

You can see tons more of Karancz’s yo-yo videos over here.

This is the most elaborate entrance to a 13th birthday party you’ll ever see>

Dancing trousers do a jig on back of moving truck>

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Nicola Byrne


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