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# guinness world record
116-year-old woman in Japan declared world's oldest person
Kane Tanaka was born on 2 January 1903.
# excuse my french
Here's how Leaving Cert students did in French, Russian and Japanese
Some performed very well, while others struggled with basic vocabulary.
# point of contact
Trump's top aide and son-in-law Kushner to face Russia investigation panel
His contacts with Russian officials that are now coming under the microscope.
# chester beatty
These incredible 200-year-old Japanese prints are going on show in Dublin
They’re part of a huge Chester Beatty collection.
# Japan
96-year-old man becomes world's oldest college graduate
Shigemi Hirata took 11 years to complete his ceramic arts course after taking up pottery as a pensioner.
# Mayu Tomita
Japanese pop star stabbed repeatedly by "obsessive fan"
Police arrested a man on the spot and seized a blood-covered knife.
# Japan
Teenage girl escapes after being held captive by college student for two years
The girl had last been seen at her home in March 2014 before leaving a note saying ‘Please do not try to look for me’.
# TechKnowHow
Your iPhone has a hidden emoticon keyboard that you can access
But only if you want more emoticons than you know what to do with.
# Clare
Shoe found in search for missing Japanese couple
A man’s body was found yesterday.
# Kilkee
New images emerge of missing Japanese couple
Gardaí released the CCTV images today.
# Animal Cruelty
Japanese fishermen are going to keep on killing dolphins
Dolphins that are captured alive can fetch more than €7,000.
# Festival
Bored of mainstream cinema? Then Japanese films are the answer
A new festival has all the good stuff you need to see.
# Australia
Surfer dies after losing both legs in shark attack
The shark “came from nowhere” between a group of surfers.
# Inventions
Japanese researchers win Nobel for inventing the "revolutionary" LED lamp
The LED has helped in the fight against global warming and also helps people in poverty.
# butterfly fly away
Butterfly lands on flautist's face mid-performance and she barely even blinks
“Oh this? Part of the song, yeah.”
# super saiyan style
Someone added Japanese-style animation to the Love/Hate finale, and it suddenly makes sense
Well, MORE sense.
# miaow miaow
From handbags to sex toys: Hello Kitty turns 40 this week
Konichiwa Kitty.
# sob story
This crazy video of a politician weeping uncontrollably is going viral in Japan
Is he sorry? We think he’s sorry.
# High times
Japanese airline facing union turbulence over staff mini-skirts
The outfits will be worn by attendants on Skymark Airlines planes when it introduces its Airbus A330 flights on domestic routes.
# true love tester
This Japanese bra only opens when it senses 'true love'
Apparently you can sense true love, did you know that?
# turning japanese
Japanese vending machines are way better than our vending machines
Will we just move to Japan? Ah, we will.
# Confused
Francois Hollande confuses Japanese with Chinese on State visit to Japan
The French president made the error on a three-day state visit to Japan.
# Mount Everest
80-year-old wants to be the oldest man to climb Mount Everest
He already broke the world record in 2007 but it was beaten four years later.
# Japan
The beautiful art of... Japanese manhole covers
Imagine if we put as much attention to detail into the Irish versions…
# that's mad ted
9 insane products you can buy in Japan’s discount shops
These will either make you a better person, or kill you. Whichever.
# Leaving Cert
Which Leaving Cert subjects produce the most A grades?
Some subjects produced proportionally more top grades – while others had higher failure rates than most.