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Twitter tells us what we can learn from Jedward

What an educational duo they are.
Jul 3rd 2013, 4:59 PM 1,536 6

JEDWARD DEFINITELY GET people talking in both a good way and a bad way whether they’re on stage at Eurovision or doing something funny on Twitter.

Amid all the Brian O’Driscoll tweets that took over Irish feeds this morning another trend was making waves.

A trend by the name of #JedwardHaveTaughtMe.

So, while you were busy worrying about BOD, we’ve selected some of the tweets which show just what you can learn from Jedward.

1. Exercise tips

2. Skate chic is easy to try out

3. This will get you out of many scrapes

4. Being famous is not as hard as it looks

5. How to master a toilet

6. We have no idea what this means but anyway

7. Not to lead by their example

8. Not all Irish people are awesome apparently

9. That BOD is still more important

10. Irish young folk are just losing the run of themselves

11. But at least Ireland looks nice all the same

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