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Jelfies are the new internet craze but what exactly are they?

Introducing the next giant, blurry leap for internet photography.
Feb 17th 2015, 4:17 PM 8,072 3

SELFIES ARE SO 2013 at this stage.

The internet has presented us with a fresh new term of reference – the Jelfie. That is, the combination of jumping and a selfie.

It all started out with this mock video from Vooza, a video comic strip about the online startup world. The site parodies the start up culture of silicon valley and makes sweet satire out of the industry’s seriousness. This time, they have targeted those that just invent words.

Naturally people have started, ahem, jumping on the bandwagon

Warning: all jelfies will be blurry

The blurrier the better is a rule, apparently

jelfie2 Source: Instagram

No longer will regular selfies do

We are truly through the looking glass now

So, there you have it.

Another giant, blurry leap for internet culture if this fully takes off.

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