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What Iconic Pauly D Quote Are You?
Are your cabs here or are you just busted?
"Stay sexy b*tch" - Snooki left a note for Zooey Deschanel when she missed her on Larry King Now
The start of a beautiful, unlikely friendship.
There's a Jersey Shore/Geordie Shore cast meetup currently happening in London
Pauly D, Snooki and JWoww are over in London to promote Jersey Shore:Family Reunion.
The cast for the new Jersey Shore has been revealed and people are unconvinced
Let the gymming, tanning and laundry commence.
An Important And Official Ranking Of MTV Reality Shows From The 2000s
Admit it. You came straight home from school and binge-watched all of these.
Meet the unsigned Irish band whose music is on EastEnders
They’ve been on Hollyoaks and Jersey Shore too.
Tweet Sweeper: Vogue McFadden gets real about the porridge myth
All the best of the week’s tweets from famous people.
Tweet Sweeper: Brian and Vogue are living the dream
That, and all the rest of the week’s best tweets from famous people.
Jersey Shore cast help reopen shore devastated by Superstorm Sandy
New Jersey towns are counting on a good summer to help them recoup major losses incurred after the storm.
Our 7 favourite people from this AMAZING video of The Situation in Swords
Mike from Jersey Shore paid a visit to the Wright Venue. There’s a video.
New York, New Jersey set for second storm evacuation
Après chois, le déluge.
The Dredge: Cheryl Cole has a filthy potty mouth
We get our hands mucky with the best of the day’s dirt.
Is The Valleys the worst reality show ever?
Yes, probably.
The Dredge: Simon Cowell is your new action hero
We get our hands mucky with the best of the morning’s dirt.
Poll: Do reality TV shows set a bad example for home drinking?
Have your say in today’s poll…
Students focus on side of drink culture 'neglected by reality TV' says its competition looks at the aspects of home drinking which are glossed over on shows like the Geordie Shore and Tallafornia.
It's t-shirt time: Jersey Shore's Snooki teams up with Hyland brothers
The Dublin boxers have signed up to compete in an event staged by the reality TV star later this month.
Blake Griffin shows us all how to lose that Chistmas gut
We could all do with shifting a few pounds after the festive period. Here’s how the ballers do it.
Beavis & Butthead are making a comeback
On October 27, MTV in the US will air the first new episode of the cult phenomenon since 1997.
Clothing chain willing to pay Jersey Shore stars NOT to wear its clothing
Abercrombie & Fitch says it is worried about The Situation being seen in its clothes on TV.
Rubberbandits vs Jersey Shore: There can only be one winner
MTV channel is following the terrible twosome from Limerick in four-part web series as they take on New York… and yes, the Jersey Shore.
Snooki wowws Letterman with 10 reasons to buy her book
Jersey Shore reality figure offers free, er, “grind” at nightclub with anyone who can show her receipt from bookstore.