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Jim Carrey gave some seriously good advice in a college speech

The actor dropped his goofy persona to give us some hard truths.
Jun 11th 2014, 7:25 AM 4,117 3

NOTORIOUSLY GOOFY ACTOR Jim Carrey got down to brass tacks in an emotional commencement speech at Maharishi University in Iowa last month.

In it, he spoke of how his father inspired him to follow his dreams and advised the students not to ‘play it safe’.

Here’s is just one minute of his speech – it’s pretty hard-hitting:

Source: seven news/YouTube

And after that, you may as well watch the new Dumb and Dumber To trailer to restore balance to the world:

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Yup. Balance firmly restored.

Finally, someone is illustrating Gerry Adams’ tweets>

Oh nothing, just a geese marching band being absolutely adorable>

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