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12th March 2023 - 25th March 2023
# Overholding
Opposition TDs believe 'increasing' number of tenants will resist eviction over coming weeks
They believe the practice is acceptable where tenants “have nowhere to go” and face being out on the streets otherwise.
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# unparliamentary language
'You really don't give a f**k': TD Joan Collins curses in Dáil as she attacks Government over Budget
Collins colourful language was quickly criticised by Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan.
# cheque please
Restaurant tipping: Minister wants 'collective agreement' and not new laws
The minister says the agreement would stop restaurants using tips to subsidise wages.
# the ivy
Protest held outside The Ivy restaurant in Dublin over working conditions and tips
Issues at the restaurant first came to light in November last year.
# Irish Water
How we could be on course for a referendum on water supply
The aim would be to retain public ownership of any company charged with responsibility for the supply of water services
# Permanent TSB
Grafton Street branch of PTSB occupied by anti-vulture fund demonstrators
The protesters accuse the bank of putting the lives of people in almost 20,000 households in jeopardy.
# Syria
'We spoke on the phone to people in Eastern Ghouta who said: 'We are dying''
Displaced Syrians living in Ireland are calling for more action to be taken to stop ongoing conflict in their home country.
# Delays
'Aisling's curve is now 70%': Minister says waiting four years for scoliosis surgery is too long
Aisling Corcoran had steel rods removed from her back in 2014.
# conflicting reports
Tesco 'disappointed' at 'inaccurate' claims by TD that 1,200 jobs are on the line
The retail giant has rejected claims by Dublin TD Joan Collins concerning potential industrial action in stores in no uncertain terms.
# prom night revisited
Joan Collins says the Supreme Court "sided against the Irish people" in rejecting her promissory note appeal
Earlier, the State’s highest court rejected the independent TD’s challenge to the decision to use public money to aid institutions like Anglo Irish Bank in 2010.
# Your Say
Poll: Are you in favour of water services remaining in public ownership?
A bill is coming before the Dáil calling for a referendum on the ownership of Ireland’s water services.
# Irish Water
'There's a real chance of a referendum on the ownership of water, but we need FF to back it'
The bill, supported by 39 TDs, calls for a referendum on the ownership of Ireland’s water services.
Enda Kenny questioned about compensation for sexual abuse victims
Stay with us for live updates from the Dáil.
# industrial strife
Is the Lansdowne Road pay agreement dead in the water?
The government is saying it’s not.
# Irish Water
Fianna Fáil's call for water charges to be abolished 'first shot in election campaign'
Earlier, Enda Kenny said: “I’m not sure what Fianna Fáil are at here.”
# Prom Night
Joan Collins' prom note appeal makes it all the way to the Supreme Court today
The deputy’s challenge against the €31 billion promissory note deal was rejected by the High Court.
# public order offences
Court orders CCTV footage be handed over to water protesters
The deputy was charged with public order offences earlier this month.
# Didn't happen
Joan denies an unemployed man was told to apply for 200-300 jobs a week
The Tánaiste said it was deemed that the man was ‘not genuinely seeking work’.
# Court
Another TD is being brought to court over a water protest
Joan Collins is due to appear before court on the same day as Paul Murphy.
# spare a fiver
A LOT more money is donated to the Socialists than Sinn Féin or Fianna Fáil
It could be linked to the anti-water charge movement.
# The very idea
Joan Collins (the actress) tweets to say she's not Joan Collins (the arrested TD)
We’re glad she clarified that.
# water mix up
Joan Collins (actress) forced to confirm she's not Joan Collins (arrested Dublin politician)
The very idea!
# like hollywood
Watch: Joan Burton wants to know why water protesters have expensive phones and cameras
Her comments follow scuffles between protesters and gardaí in Clare Hall earlier this week.
# no end in sight
Greyhound "trying to frighten workers" by starting and then dropping court action - TD
Joan Collins says the men were prepared for jail.
# Battle
High Court orders TD to stop blockading Greyhound trucks
Joan Collins and two Dublin councillors have been ordered to stop the blockade – but workers have vowed to continue to picket.
# One Year On
'I saw fear in TDs’ eyes': An oral history of how Ireland legislated for X
One year on, TDs and Senators reflect on what it was like to be part of one of the most contentious political debates in decades.
# Strike
United Left TD Joan Collins protests 'scabs' working Greyhound trucks
The company says they’re calling the gardaí.
# Social Protection
The number of people receiving a carer's allowance has increased by 40%
Joan Burton came under fire in the Dáil this week for cuts to grants and delays in social welfare decisions.
# Not happy
16 TDs want a meeting with RTÉ because they're being treated 'very unfairly'
Members of the Dáil’s Technical Group claim that the national broadcaster is unfairly excluding them from a Prime Time panel. RTÉ argues that independents are not a political party and represent themselves.
# Leaders' Questions
'Appalling indignity': Government to revisit opening State redress scheme to Bethany Home survivors
Mary Lou McDonald said that the coalition has to date “flatly and coldly refused the Bethany survivors the dignity of recognition”.
# Penalty Points
"The arrogance of the Minister for Justice will be his downfall": Calls for Minister Shatter to quit
Several TDs have said that the Minister’s position is now untenable.
# collin all celebs
Joan Collins took her own celebrity selfie to rival Ellen's record-breaking shot
The calibre of celebrity is slightly lower…
# Northern Ireland
Tánaiste admits 'on-the-runs' controversy has 'derailed' progress in the North
Eamon Gilmore told the Dáil that talks on the contentious issues of flags, parades and the past were “derailed” after the release of John Downey.
# Banks
'I didn't sleep very well last night' - State to pay 75% of costs in prom note case
The High Court ruled it was an exception al case which merited a departure from the normal rules on legal costs.
# Shatter out
'His situation is untenable': Eight TDs say Alan Shatter should go
The call was made at a press conference in Dublin today.
# Social Housing
Woman sleeping in TD’s office accommodated after a Facebook appeal
Joan Collins said enough is not being done to improve the social housing situation stating that it is at crisis level.
# Leaders' Questions
Enda Kenny accused of election stunt over pylons
The Taoiseach said there would be a €600 million cost difference between underground and overground power lines.
# Leaders' Questions
'No decision yet' on extra water charges for families
Speaking during Leaders’ Questions this afternoon, the Tánaiste stated that charges will apply above the free allowance, but their nature has not yet been decided.
# Leaders' Questions
Taoiseach says senior garda to liaise with NAMA over allegations
The Taoiseach was asked about the NAMA allegations at Leaders’ Questions this morning.