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Joffrey from Game of Thrones was down in Kilkenny performing poetry for cats yesterday - no, really

There’s something you don’t see every day.

Here's how to cope if you are utterly adrift without your Game of Thrones fix

There’s no new episode tonight. THERE’S NO NEW EPISODE TONIGHT.

Are people finally fed up with all the deaths in Games of Thrones?

Twitter would indicate that they are. (No spoilers!)

There's only 29 seconds of Game of Thrones footage of Joffrey being sound

Spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

The big twist in Game of Thrones made a lot of people very happy last night

NO SPOILERS, calm yourselves.

Game of Thrones fans are tweeting to topple this enormous Joffrey statue

They’re doing all they can to #bringdowntheking.

There's a whopper new Game of Thrones preview

WARNING: Spoilers are coming.

5 reasons why Joffrey from Game of Thrones should quit acting

He wants to throw in the towel, that bastard.

Bad lip reading turns Game of Thrones into a cheesy comedy

It’s Game of Thrones like you’ve never seen it before (may contain some spoilers).

King Joffrey does amazing Q&A and talks girlfriends and panties

The Game of Thrones actor was chatting at an event in UCD.

King Joffrey as an adorable ten-year-old kid in Dublin

He played Tiny Tim in a Christmas show in 2002. Here are the photos.

Maybe King Joffrey isn't such a b**tard after all

He’s been pictured enjoying time with a puppy. What sorcery is this?

How did Twitter handle the Game of Thrones finale? GRUMP OF THRONES

How did Twitter handle the Game of Thrones finale?

No spoilers but they seemed a bit unhappy all the same.

PLAY: The unofficial Game of Thrones drinking* game Spoiler Alert This post contains videos

PLAY: The unofficial Game of Thrones drinking* game

*With tea or Miwadi maybe. It is Monday after all.