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# John Lewis

All time
US politician and civil rights leader John Lewis dies aged 80
He was the youngest and last survivor of the Big Six civil rights activists.
# christmas ad
The John Lewis Christmas ad has landed, and people are fairly conflicted over it
It’s not for everyone.
# Golden Slumbers
The John Lewis Christmas ad is here, starring Moz the Monster
The ad features a cover of the Beatles song Golden Slumbers by Elbow.
# Civil Rights
US Governor tells black congressman 'a thank you would suffice' for the abolition of slavery
Maine Governor Paul LePage said John Lewis needs a history lesson.
# John Lewis
Donald Trump in Twitter attack on Congressman who marched alongside Martin Luther King
Ahead of MLK Day in the US, Trump has claimed that Congressman John Lewis is ‘all talk’.
# not a retail store
The real John Lewis just got a lovely thank you gift from the shop John Lewis
The nicest man on the internet.
# one day i'll fly away
This boxer joyfully bouncing along to the John Lewis ad is going super viral on Facebook
Somebody get this dog a trampoline. Immediately.
# jingle all the way
Everybody reckons the M&S Christmas ad (featuring a very glam Mrs Claus) beats John Lewis'
A side to Santa’s missus that we certainly haven’t seen before.
# Winnie
This adorable dog in Galway got so emotional watching the John Lewis ad
We truly do not deserve dogs.
# the child's trampoline
If the John Lewis Christmas ad was set in a back garden in Waterford
“Would ye not get off the child’s trampoline ye f**kin feral bast*rds ye”
# Buster the boxer
The John Lewis ad is the pick-me-up you need today
The ad, features foxes, a badger, a boxer and a trampoline.
# it's here
The John Lewis Christmas ad has just dropped and it stars Buster the dog
And a trampoline.
# Arnotts
John Lewis homeware is coming to Ireland for the first time
The relatively small section will appear on two floors of Arnotts’ Henry Street store.
# very lucky
Woman falls 60ft in John Lewis shop ... and lands on a bed
The incident happened in the Greater Manchester area.
# the real john lewis
John Lewis finally thanked the man behind the @JohnLewis Twitter account
It’s been a long time in the making.
# gin granny
Aldi's pisstake of the John Lewis Christmas ad is spot on
So cheeky.
# Pink
People are not impressed with these 'patronising' pink pencils for girls
# f*** that
The John Lewis Christmas ad has gotten the Republic of Telly treatment
“It’s a grand life on the moon.”
# Your Say
Poll: Is it too early for Christmas ads?
Or are you ready to embrace them?
# Mistaken Identity
Here's why the man behind the @JohnLewis account is an internet treasure
Spare a thought for him today.
# manonthemoon
The John Lewis Christmas ad is here and it's our favourite one yet
All the feelings.
# manonthemoon
The John Lewis Christmas ad is here and it has a wonderful message
Prepare your Goddamn feels.
# wash out
Someone has finally snapped and told the truth about washing machines
“I simply want to wash my clothes”.
# geordiethepenguin
This very NSFW parody will ruin the John Lewis ad for you
Our ears, our innocent ears.
# the real john lewis
Enjoying the John Lewis Christmas ad? Spare a thought for the man called @JohnLewis
The man who would be John Lewis.
# montythepenguin
The John Lewis Christmas ad just got a whole lot scarier
From tears to fears.
# Monty the Penguin
The 8 best Twitter reactions to the John Lewis Christmas ad
What did Twitter have to say about Monty the Penguin?
# Monty the Penguin
Christmas is officially here... The John Lewis ad is out (and it's good)
If good means it made us cry.
# Christmas
The John Lewis Christmas ad is here! And it will make you cry.
Meet Monty, the lonely penguin.
# the governor
Meet Martin O'Malley, the Irish-American who could be the next US President
The Maryland Governor wasn’t giving much away when asked him if he’ll be looking to succeed Barack Obama in two years’ time, but we did a learn a bit about his genuine Irish roots.
# John Lewis
Irish welcome for civil rights leader who 'fought the scars and stains of racism all his life'
John Lewis, an iconic figure from the US civil rights movement, was in Dublin yesterday to talk about his struggle, the lessons he learned and how it can apply to Northern Ireland.
# Racism
In Dublin today: The man who warmed up the crowd for Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech
John Lewis was a keynote speaker alongside Martin Luther King Jr at the March on Washington in 1963.
# holidays are comin'
9 Irish Christmas ads that will hit you right in the feelings
I dunno, it seems VEERRRY unorthodox.
# findfaith
Little girl writes adorable letter to John Lewis to apologise for breaking bauble
She definitely has redeemed herself in Santa’s eyes.
# John Lewis
Watch TV viewers react to the John Lewis Christmas advert
We love bears too.
# John Lewis
This year's John Lewis Christmas ad may make you cry
It’s got Lily Allen and a very cute cartoon.
# John Lewis
Brace yourselves... it's the John Lewis Christmas ad
Sad snowman alert!
# Children
Push to curb commercialisation and sexualisation of young children in the UK
Nine major retailers have signed up to new guidelines on the sale of inappropriate children’s clothing, including retailers which operate in Ireland.