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Most of the Cabinet to travel to Brussels today to discuss Ireland's EU presidency
The Taoiseach, Tánaiste and nine ministers are going to Brussels today to talk about their plans for Ireland’s presidency of the EU with President José Manuel Barroso.
# State of the Eunion
EU must become 'federation of nation states', argues Barroso
The President of the European Commission has outlined his vision in his annual ‘State of the Union’ speech to MEPs.
# Crunchzeit
Merkel blasts ‘fake solutions’ as EU leaders head to Brussels
The German chancellor says short-term measures to stop Spain and Italy from going under won’t cut it.
# Eurozone
EU leaders will discuss plans to integrate national budgets - report
Reuters says a document being prepared for Brussels also discusses banking union and deeper economic integration.
# Leaders' Questions
No date for when country will 're-engineer' bank debt - Taoiseach
Enda Kenny said his government remained committed to negotiations to reduce Ireland’s banking debt.
# Syria
EU chief: Russia and EU need to overcome differences on Syria
Russia’s Putin doesn’t look like budging on his supportive stance towards Damascus though.
# EU
EU leaders strike final agreement on new treaty
Twenty-five countries including Ireland have agreed to introduce the ‘fiscal compact’, with only the UK and the Czech Republic remaining outside.
# Backtrack
Hungary likely to back down in EU legal dispute
Viktor Orban has given indications that he will bow to EU pressure and undo constitutional changes which go against EU law.
# Hungary
EU takes legal action against Hungary over new constitution
Constitutional changes made before Christmas undermined the independence of the central bank and the judiciary.
# Christmas Greetings
Watch: Happy Christmas from all your friends in Brussels
This just might be the strangest Christmas video you’ll see this year…
# European Parliament
Barroso hails Euro deal - but slams UK's "impossible" demands
European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso says last week’s deal is a compromise of ’27 minus’, not of ’17 plus’.
# Le Crunch
EU leaders head to Brussels for make-or-break euro summit
Over a dozen heads of state – including Enda Kenny and Angela Merkel – will meet in Marseille before the crisis summit.
# Eurobonds
Germany leading plans for six-country 'elite bonds' - report
A report in the ‘Welt on Sonntag’ newspaper says six AAA-rated countries are contemplating plans for common bonds.
# Debt Crisis
European leaders to meet again on Wednesday to fight debt crisis
Another summit of EU heads of state will be held on Wednesday in order to sign off on measures agreed by finance ministers.
# Brussels Breakfast
Barroso has words of praise for Ireland's economic performance
The European Commission president held a meeting with Taoiseach Enda Kenny this morning.
# Brussels Breakfast
Taoiseach holding talks with EC president Barroso
The discussions in Brussels this morning come ahead of a meeting of the Eurozone heads of state later this month.
# Eurozone
Barroso's banking plan could mean more countries opting for bailout
Jose Manuel Barroso wants banks to increase capital – saying governments can foot the bill by borrowing from the EFSF.
# Debt Crisis
Kenny to meet European Commission president
The meeting will take place on Thursday, with Kenny travelling to Brussels to meet José Manuel Barroso (pictured).
# Eurozone
Taoiseach rules out changes to EU Treaty
Speaking from Warsaw, Enda Kenny said European governments need to work the Lisbon Treaty in the way that it was intended.
# State of the Union
Barroso: More integration needed to address 'greatest crisis in EU history'
In his State of the Union address, Jose Manuel Barroso says Europe will need to “move forward with more unification”.
# Eurozone
Eurozone not destined for a double-dip - Barroso
The head of the European Commission insists that the bloc will continue to grow, albeit at a rate slower than first hoped.
# Debt Crisis
Barroso warns: the Eurozone debt crisis is spreading
The President of the European Commission tells us what we already know, as he calls for “full backing” for struggling countries.
# Eurozone
Eurozone leaders set for key summit as France and Germany agree common position
But neither country will tell us what that position is ahead of the summit in Brussels this afternoon.
# Italy
EU leaders hold crisis summit as bailout talk turns to Italy
Italy could be the next country holding out the beggar’s bowl – in a bailout that would dwarf the previous ones.
# Beratings
EU Commission criticises ratings agencies
Commission President Barroso suggests market “bias” against European countries because of agencies’ reports.
# Greece
Second Greek bailout negotiations progress - but hinge on austerity
Greek government has to pass its unpopular austerity plans before accessing either the next batch of its current bailout, or a second bailout.
# Portugal
Portugal's bailout request likely to dominate meeting of EU finance ministers
Finance minister Michael Noonan had hoped Ireland’s financial situation would top the agenda as he looks to lower the country’s interest rate.
# Bailout
Enda meets with EU leaders to discuss bailout terms, Libya
Enda Kenny will be in Brussels today to participate in an extraordinary meeting of the European Council – to discuss the situation in Libya and look at stronger economic policy coordination in the euro area.
# Bailout
Kenny meets Barroso to discuss Ireland's bailout deal
Taoiseach held hour-long meeting with Barroso, in which the EU Commission President said he the Commission supports Ireland on the interest rate issue.
# Taoiseach
Kenny's first foreign affairs meeting brings him to Brussels
The Taoiseach will travel to Brussels today to meet with the European Commission President to brief him on the new government’s policy priorities.
# Bailout
EU/IMF bailout already on the agenda for Kenny ahead of Barroso talks
Jose Manuel Barroso and Enda Kenny will meet in Finland later this week with the bailout top of the agenda for the incoming Taoiseach.
# Irish Economy
Barroso: I'm fully confident about Ireland's economic recovery
The President of the European Commission tells an audience in Cambridge he expects Ireland to recover from its fiscal woes.
# Mission Impossible?
When Enda met Jose: the Hollywood version
Fine Gael’s official video of Kenny and Noonan’s meeting with Jose Manuel Barroso takes on a Mission: Impossible feel.
# Bailout
European Commission president turns on Irish MEP over bailout (Video)
Jose Manuel Barroso erupted in anger after Joe Higgins’ questions about Europe’s position on the Irish bailout.