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From gutted she couldn't 'be like Sonia' to finding her niche and flying the flag worldwide
Irish high jump record-holder and Olympian Deirdre Ryan spoke to The42 about her own experiences and the importance of sport.
People had to be stopped jumping off a bridge on the M50 today
They were jumping into the canal below.
This is a very very stupid thing to do ... obviously
Teenagers have been jumping from four-storey high scaffolding into Grand Canal Dock. It’s not a very bright thing to do.
Watch two daredevils BASE jump off the tallest building in the world
The pair of jumpers set a World Record for BASE jumping off the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Hopeful dog tries to jump on couch, fails spectacularly
He’s gonna make it! ….He didn’t make it.
Guys secretly BASE jump off the Freedom Tower in New York
It’s 1,776 feet tall. Vom.
Proof that cats can be just as clumsy as humans
This little guy is excellent at jumping. Just excellent.
Ulster's Johann Muller explains the workings of the line-out
The South African joined the to discuss the finer details of his favourite set-piece.
Bus driver saves woman from jumping off bridge
Darnell Barton spotted the woman while he was carrying students to high school on his bus.
This dog needs to go back to dog school
He’s missed one of the basics.
It's Your Horse Jumping Over a Giant Swan Picture of the Day
Because we didn’t expect to see this happen either.
Bison jumping on a trampoline and… er… bloody loving it?
Bison and trampolines don’t really mix…
Open thread: What are your favourite Irish Olympic memories?
Michael Carruth in Barcelona? Sonia in Sydney? What’s your favourite memories of Irish Olympians in action?