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Jupiter, the fifth planet from our sun.
Jupiter, the fifth planet from our sun.
Image: NASA, The Hubble Heritage Team, STScI, AURA, Amy Simon Cornell

Jupiter and Venus on view for Irish astronomers

Meanwhile, NASA has released its first footage of the far side of the Moon…
Feb 4th 2012, 2:57 PM 3,229 3

IRISH ASTRONOMY enthusiasts will have a good opportunity to see Jupiter and Venus tonight as both planets appear as the brightest celestial objects in the southern and western skies after sunset.

Astronomy Ireland has been holding ‘Jupiter Watch’ events around the country this week and has another planned for between 4pm and 6pm today at Airside Enterprise Centre in Swords at which telescopes will be set up for a better view of the planets.

Met Éireann is forecasting dry weather across much of the country this evening, with some clear spells.

Late last year, NASA scientists released this animation depicting evidence of water below the surface of one of Jupiter’s moons as discovered by the Galileo probe:

(Video via clarksvilletenn)

On Thursday, NASA released this detailed footage of the Moon’s rugged far side as captured by its GRAIL mission:

(Video via SpaceTimeForum)

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