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'The outcome may have been death': Three people injured in rare kangaroo attack in Australia
The animals, particularly large males, are known to attack and can be vicious, but such incidents are not common.
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How a colony of wallabies made an island off Dublin their home
As many as 100 of the marsupials are thriving off the coast of Dublin.
# Fair play
A team of Australian vets have skipped a bushfire evacuation to care for the local wildlife
The western Australian town of Yarloop has been devastated by bushfires throughout January.
This adorable picture of an orphaned kangaroo and his teddy is going viral
His name is Doodlebug. DOODLEBUG!
# dems the rules
City changes its laws just to stop a woman bringing her kangaroo to McDonald's
Bit harsh, no?
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Woman asked to leave US McDonald's for having a baby kangaroo in a car seat
Oh y’know, just a baby kangaroo in a car seat. As you do.
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There's a kangaroo on the loose in Austria (NOT Australia)
His name is Anton.
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Meet the two-legged dog who hops around like a kangaroo
Roo has only her two hind legs to help her from A(ustralia) to B(ritain).
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Watch two kangaroos having an epic brawl on Australian street
Tie these kangaroos down, sport.
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WATCH: US cops in multi-car chase with baby kangaroo
It was a dramatic low-speed pursuit.
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Kangaroo goes on the loose in airport pharmacy
The injured kangaroo was eventually taken out of the pharmacy after it was shut down.
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Woman moves into zoo with her pet kangaroo
So happy together.
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Tournament: Which animal is the most bad-ass?
You may be surprised by the outcome.
# Kangaroo Cruelty
€10,000 reward for information about 'kangaroo' in nightclub
An outraged Australian man has offered a cash reward for information about the cruel treatment of the animal in a nightclub.
# Kangaroo Cruelty
Gardaí investigating claims kangaroo given alcohol at party
Disturbing video footage shows a man pretending to perform a sex act on the animal.