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Wait! You're not Leo.
Wait! You're not Leo.
Image: Screen grab via YouTube

VIDEO: Kate Winslet's first screen test for Titanic, circa 1996

Wait, that’s not Leonardo di Caprio…
Sep 12th 2012, 10:45 AM 2,822 1

FOR THOSE OF us of a certain age, Titanic is a special film.

Special because it reminds us of another time. A more innocent time. A time when we voluntarily paid over cash to spend three hours in a large sticky-carpeted room being emotionally manipulated by James Cameron.

Kate Winslet’s relationship with plucky-urchin-turned-good Leonardo di Caprio was the story that tugged at millions of teenage hearts, and – in Celine Dion’s rendition – tormented millions of teenage ears. But get this: it mightn’t have been Leo at all.

This footage of Kate’s first screen test for the 1997 film shows her playing in full costume opposite Jeremy Sisto, well-known star of such screen gems as Don’s Plum, Dead & Breakfast and Duckman: Private Dick.

Was Jeremy in the running for the role? Well, who knows. But judging by this clip it would have been an even worse film if he had been.


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