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# pink sauce
7 different names Irish people have for ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together
What do you call it?
# ruined
People are putting ketchup on their spice bags and they must be stopped
It’s real.
# tomatoh-no
10 essential facts of life for people who don’t like ketchup
How? Why?
# watch the world burn
People who put ketchup all over their chips rather than on the side are animals
# get in the fridge
11 things you probably keep in the fridge that you really shouldn't
Monsters. You monsters.
# bean juice
8 foods it's perfectly acceptable to be picky about
Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be eating.
# saucy
Heinz had to apologise after a code on its ketchup bottle led a man to a porn site
Sorry about that.
# quick
Bored on the Bank Holiday? Give making your own ketchup a go
Easy peasy.
At last... A solution to that age-old ketchup-from-a-bottle problem
Science has come up with a flawless solution – but ketchup companies, so far, are holding out on adopting it.
# brown sauce or red sauce
Brown sauce is going extinct... kind of
Sales of the sauce have fallen by nearly 20%.
# for kids only
This Florida restaurant refuses to serve ketchup to customers over the age of 10
# firstworldproblems
Students invent ingenious way to avoid nasty ketchup-bottle juice
At last, our love has come along.
# the hard questions
6 controversial Irish questions... answered by Una Healy
Which side do you come down on on these matters of national importance?
# he so crazy
Here's a list of things that Paolo Di Canio has banned at Sunderland
The Italian coach has forbidden players from singing in the shower, claiming it “disrupts concentration”.
# At last
VIDEO: Incredible machine picks up ketchup stains... intact
You need never wipe a table ever again.
# Genius
VIDEO: How to... get the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle
Lubricant invented by MIT scientists means no more pounding on the bottom of your ketchup container.
# Dilemma
The burning question*: Mayonnaise or ketchup on chips?
This and every Monday, let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)