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Tony Abbott channels Enda and declares: 'Australia is open for business'
“Ireland is open for business,” the Taoiseach has declared on many, many occasions.
Australian PM Kevin Rudd concedes election to this man
The Conservative challenger Tony Abbott has ousted Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd as millions of Australians voted overnight.
Column: Australian politics is at a crossroads – a fact belied by a lacklustre election campaign
Thousands of young Irish men and women in Australia on working visas are becoming caught up in an ugly xenophobic campaign about keeping jobs for locals, writes NSW Senator Ursula Stephens.
Favourite in Australian election wants to buy Indonesian "smuggler boats"
Tony Abbott wants Australia to pay “wardens” in Indonesian villages as well as bounty payments to curb immigration into Australia.
'No place' for sexism in Australia, says Rudd
The country’s prime minister made the comment after his election rival touted a candidate’s sex appeal.
Australia to go to polls on 7 September
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hopes to complete a political comeback with victory for his Labor Party.
Australian Prime Minister: We are closed to boatpeople from today
“Australians have had enough of seeing people drowning in the waters to our north,” said Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
Australian PM vows to hold referendum to recognise Aboriginals
Kevin Rudd said he wants the matter put to the Australian people within two years of the election of the next parliament.
Here's what the new Australian PM could learn from the Irish in Oz
Can we have an official ‘Ireland loves Alf Stewart’ day please?
Australia's new leader says: 'Let's be kinder and gentler with each other'
Kevin Rudd’s words to MPs came after he was sworn is as Australian prime minister for a second time having earlier ousted Labor colleague Julia Gillard.
Julia Gillard ousted as Australian prime minister… by the man she replaced
Early elections are on the cards after dramatic events in the Australian Labor Party this morning which see Kevin Rudd return to power.
Julia Gillard survives 'leadership spill' in Australia
The PM declared Labor’s leadership woes “completely at an end”.
Australian prime minister Julia Gillard sees off leadership challenge
A leadership ballot called by her predecessor Kevin Rudd ends with an easy victory for the incumbent prime minister.
Julia Gillard calls leadership vote in Australia
Prime Minister Julia Gillard said a ballot is needed in order to settle the leadership question “once and for all”.
Former premier Kevin Rudd quits Australian cabinet amid growing rift
Members of the Australian Labor party may vote on Julia Gillard’s leadership on Monday after former premier Kevin Rudd quit.
Former Aussie PM denies rumours of leadership challenge against Gillard
Kevin Rudd, who was ousted by Julia Gillard and remains her foreign secretary, is thought to be eyeing up the leadership.
Australia adds third gender to passports
Australian passports will now offer a third option to transgender people.