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You may want to continue using PayPal if you're funding any risky projects
The service is no longer covering crowdfunding under its Purchase Protection plan, but Irish users are safe.
There's a very dirty Irish version of Cards Against Humanity
Some NSFW sentiments inside.
The innovative Irish design that stops your home looking like a bike shop
The Stowaway went live on Kickstarter this week – and we take a look.
The incredibly stressful launch of an Irish company's high-tech stress-beating device
Galvanic crowdfunded its way to market with the Pip. Here’s why.
One of the best-funded Kickstarter projects of all time is... something akin to a Swiss Army Jacket
The Baubax Travel Jacket has raised €4.2 million in funding with almost a month left to go.
Some of the biggest names in tech are investing in a $400 shower head
It’s just the thing for *ahem* rising water charges.
Fed up with expensive phones and laptops? This computer costs €8
Meet CHIP.
Someone has invented the world's first robotic pancake printer
To be fair, an Eiffel Tower made out of batter probably tastes better than the real one.
This smartwatch only took 30 minutes to raise €1 million on Kickstarter
It helps that it’s from the makers of one of the best smartwatches out there.
Sinéad O'Connor and Shane McGowan join Easter Rising film
The movie will document the life of Seán McDermott.
Gaming controller that drains your blood as you play suspended by Kickstarter
Brings a whole new meaning to ‘health’.
Meet some of the first Irish entrepreneurs to make their projects happen with Kickstarter
Several local startups have been given a big boost through the crowdfunding site.
Kickstarter is live for Irish projects so now you can support this teenage bounty hunter
Don’t just stand there, get creating… or funding.
Finally, someone has reinvented the umbrella using a 'force-field of air'
Fancy tattooing your name on to this comedian's arse?
Nick Brown undertakes an epic buttquest.
This guy wants you to fund the 'money gun' - a gun that shoots money
It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.
The guy who raised €43k to make potato salad is throwing a huge 'Potatostock' party
We want to go to there.
The most popular crowdfunding site globally has launched in Ireland today
Kickstarter will now allow Irish creators to submit their project directly, which will go live for funding next month.
15 chancers that want you to fund their personal projects
Cowboys. The lot of them.
Genius dad invents way to fill up and tie 100 water balloons per minute
At last, our saviour has arrived.
Guy who set up Kickstarter campaign to make potato salad raises $46k
And the campaign still has three weeks to go!
Guy (hero) raises $1,300 through Kickstarter campaign to make potato salad
Shut up and take my money.
This Irish director's video will make you fall in love with NYC's subway dancers
There’s been a crackdown on subway performers since the start of this year and director Scott Carthy is hoping to give them a voice before their unique subculture disappears.
Kickstarter reaches milestone by raising $1 billion in pledges
In its five year history, the crowdfunding site saw more than half of the $1 billion pledged in the last twelve months.
Kickstarter parody RealLifeStarter helps young creatives get a real job
Where your kids’ stupid dreams go to die.
Long-lost twins appeal for more money to complete film about incredible reunion
Anais and Samantha had no idea that a random YouTube video would bring them together.
Stop everything and watch this ridiculous kung fu cop movie trailer
There’s ‘hacking reality’, fighting Hitler, giant Vikings and er, dinosaurs.
Watch: The waterproof t-shirt that's impossible to stain
The shirt can repel any water-based liquid, ensuring that it stays both dry and stain-free.
This modular magnet pen may be the ultimate office distraction
Ordering them in bulk for the office.
Weird Wide Web: Chromecast, a peek into the future and a social network with a difference
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
Zach Braff helps guy propose to his girlfriend
This is heartwarming AND funny.
Weird Wide Web: Fat avatars, terminator vision and teaching you how to relax
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Kickstarter pulls 'seduction guide' after claims it promoted rape
Excerpts from the book urged men to “be dominant” and “don’t ask for permission”.
There are now flying bicycles and you can fund them
No need to wait in traffic any longer.
Is thorium the answer to the world’s energy woes?
An Irish duo have set up an ambitious kickstarter campaign for a documentary on the issue, they told
Want to see pictures of Detroit's almost-finished Robocop statue?
I have to go… somewhere there is a crime happening.
Weird Wide Web: Stolen bikes, helpful robots and a floating head
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
Have you SEEN this pen that writes in 3D?
Shut up and take our money.