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Kid uses dad's passport as a colouring book, gets them stuck in South Korea

Great job, Picasso.
May 30th 2014, 2:51 PM 4,850 2

IT’S GOOD TO encourage creativity in children, but this little tyke just took it too far.

A Chinese man and his four-year-old son are currently stuck in South Korea, because the boy decided to turn his father’s passport into his own personal art project.

According to India Today, the boy was accompanying his father on a group trip to South Korea and, in a fit of artistic passion, scribbled a beard and whiskers on his father’s passport photo.

passport Source: TomoNews US screengrab

He also added some rather interestingly-proportioned stick figures, covering nearly every centimetre of the most important page of the passport.

Authorities are now looking into getting the boy and his father home – unfortunately, at the moment their chances are slim to none.

Perhaps buy your kid a colouring book next time? Or leave the passport well, well out of the way. Just a tip.

Source: TomoNews US/YouTube

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