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18 times kids proved themselves to be miniature geniuses

These kids = smarter than you.
Nov 4th 2015, 2:10 PM 11,535 1

WATCH OUT. THESE kids are going to be running the country soon.

1. This kid isn’t wrong

rxP35JW Source: Imgur

2. It pays to consider diversity

5MyT9M8 Source: Imgur

Ignorant adults.

3. This little guy, who is definitely wiser than us all

He’s just happy to be here.

ER2kHCe Source: Imgur

4. And this guy, keeping it simple

qgzj5 Source: Imgur

5. This kid, telling it like it is

hNODWaC Source: Imgur

6. This genuine genius

3XyvlaG Source: Imgur

7. In fairness, it might have worked

RSVgtGT Source: Imgur

8. This wry observation

8eps6V2 Source: Imgur

9. And this fair attempt at guesswork

qZYHJ3H Source: Imgur

10. “Talking in my brain”

mXviqSv Source: Imgur

11. This kid, with a trick of the hand

12. Still a better guess than bib

s7n65b4 Source: Imgur

13. These little pals, who can definitely fool you

RPTTHHc Source: Imgur

14. This sass

mQ469LU Source: Imgur

15. And admirable honesty

N0mklXe Source: Imgur

16. Kids are smart because they’re not afraid to say what we’re all thinking

attZZ Source: Imgur

17. They see through your bullshit

XXKOk Source: Imgur

18. Basically, don’t mess with kids

JGDDOTu Source: Imgur

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