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12 times kids' notes proved they know everything about love

Brutal honesty.

YOU KNOW NOTHING about love unless you’re under ten.

1. Ashley knows that honesty is the best policy

qGW8Au5 Source: Imgur

2. Sometimes, the odds are just against you

OvhnZlC Source: Imgur

3. This is a reasonable and healthy way to argue

enhanced-buzz-21765-1367937995-12 Source: iamlesbianandproudheya

4. This poetic truth

qujGC7F Source: Imgur

5. This is serious

fiG6NRl Source: Imgur

Bigger version here.

6. The correct spelling of their name is not needed

ms-shit Source: Wordpress

Mrs Schmidt is loved.

7. Be mildly threatening

68f2539ce774677a6b3fdf4e64d2afab-580x435 Source: Oddstuffmagazine

8. You can point out faults

adorable-letters-smell-good Source: Smosh

9. Know the true meaning of love

17a7df4d15c019aceb518f5078825c56-580x773 Source: Oddstuffmagazine

10. Eating cheeses is the ultimate gesture

eXrgpQY Source: Imgur

11. Keep your priorities straight

51069cdfbed19 Source: Happyplace

12. And get out of there if you have to

a98607_break-up-texts_7-kindergarten Source: Oddee

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