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Kids react to McDonald's horrifying new mascot

Nightmares for everyone!
May 26th 2014, 9:50 AM 3,776 1

MCDONALD’S UNLEASHED THEIR terrifying new mascot ‘Happy’ on the world last week. Adults ran away screaming, grown men became vegetarians, and children felt like they’d never experience happiness again.

We mean, look at it.


Grubstreet decided to hold a therapy session of sorts for a group of children and asked them to give their thoughts on the new toothy terror.

They didn’t exactly warm to it.


It’s kinda creepy though.
For one second it makes me happy and then for the next second it actually creeps me out
It looks like someone’s real mouth. Why does it have a real mouth?


It’s staring at me.
It’s like a little box that’s alive that’s saying ‘Oh finally, I’ve found a human that I can eat!’

So what’s the final verdict then?


You can watch the full video over on Grubstreet. Warning: Contains nightmare-inducing close-ups of Happy.

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