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# kim and kanye
Here, does Kim Kardashian have *any* furniture in her gaff? Let's investigate
Any sign of a beanbag?
# kkw beauty
Did Kim K copy Urban Decay with her new Cherry Blossom makeup collection? Let's investigate
Get your magnifying glass out.
# kanye
Kanye's been invited to some former slave ports after his dodgy comments this week
Let’s just say it wasn’t a friendly invitation.
# world of celebs
Kim K had another name in mind for Chicago before Kanye had his way... It's the Dredge
Your RDA of celebrity dirt.
# there's people that are dying
Kim K went paddleboarding this week, so people are making jokes about her looking for her lost earring
She’s currently holidaying with sister Kourtney.
# Thanks Penneys
A dupe for the KKW Beauty contour kit is on its way to Penneys
It’s identical.
# konvinced
The internet is divided over whether Kylie Jenner was Kim Kardashian's surrogate
Can’t wait for a glimpse of Kylie Jr.
Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things wants Kourtney Kardashian to "shake her salad" so Kim is making it happen
Now there’s a TV crossover no one saw coming.
# Spot the Difference
Kylie Jenner spoofed her family into thinking her wax figure was her
In fairness, it’s hard to tell
# black bars
Kim Kardashian just posted a fully naked selfie and everyone is losing it
With some tactical black bars.
# on set
Meet the Irish model who stood in for Kim Kardashian on E! yesterday
Shahira Barry is a 23 year old from Athenry that loads of people are talking about today.
# venting
The 9 types of angry Amazon review about Kim Kardashian's selfie book
Some people are not happy.
# selfish
The reviews of Kim Kardashian's selfie book are in, and they don't hold back
Her selfie book is out this week, but what is it really like?
# we are family
Is David Cameron really related to Kim Kardashian?
The Prime Minister claimed today that he is the reality star’s “thirteenth cousin”.
# breaktheinternet
Kim Kardashian continues attempts to break the internet with an even more revealing shot (NSFW)
You thought the arse shot was too much?
# kim k
Kim Kardashian's finest moments of wisdom
Wise beyond her 33 years.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Linda Martin's never going back to Eurovision, and Rihanna's printing money
Why her? All the best of the day’s celeb dirt.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Judge Judy declines to enter Irish bikini contest
Not that she can’t wear the hell out of a bikini! Check out all the day’s celebrity duuuurt…
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Which ridey star says she was 'fat, spotty and drunk'?
She’s an awful ride. And the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt.