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# Kiss

This year
Ex-Spain football boss in court over World Cup kiss scandal
Luis Rubiales has repeatedly insisted the act was consensual.
Spanish football federation asks president to resign after sex assault probe for kissing player
Rubiales was provisionally suspended by FIFA on Saturday and is being investigated for sexual assault.
Spanish PM calls football chief's apology for World Cup kiss 'insufficient'
As the controversy over the kiss grew yesterday, Rubiales apologised in a video posted on social media.
Kiss star Gene Simmons wants to meet the Taoiseach and calls for the return of Stormont
On previous travels with Kiss, Simmons has had the opportunity to tour the Dáil.
Kiss star Gene Simmons visits UK Parliament as guest of the DUP's Ian Paisley Jr
The band’s singer and bassist described proceedings in the Commons chamber during Prime Minister’s Questions as ‘controlled chaos’.
All time
O'Brien excited to link with Kidney and Kiss at ambitious London Irish
The 32-year-old flanker says the move it about being part of a new project.
Gene Simmons is trying to to trademark the 'devil hands' gesture... and he doesn't even know how to do it
Why? Why now? After all of this time? So many questions.
Finland's main train station gets a makeover just in time for a Kiss concert
The glam rock band are due to play a gig in the Finnish capital on 4 May.
This is what happens when couples switch beards and go in for a kiss
There will be bleugh.
14 pictures that prove Enda Kenny loves to lob the gob
Everyone from his wife to Angela Merkel. Our Enda loves a bit of smooching.
Half-term report: Ulster expanding style and confidence and they'll get better as the season wears on
Iain Henderson is out for the season, but Les Kiss can still expect his squad to be bolstered in 2016.
Blindfolded strangers were asked to kiss for the first time, and it was super cringe
Stop the lights.
Gene Simmons house searched by LA 'internet crimes' task force
“We couldn’t be more horrified that someone used our residence for such heinous crimes,” the rocker’s wife said.
This on-screen lesbian kiss has sparked a huge media storm in South Korea
Homosexuality is not illegal in South Korea – but it carries a significant social stigma, with few openly gay public figures.
What was Gene Simmons from Kiss doing at Leinster House?
“I guess because of my silly hair people tend to take me to big buildings to meet important people.”
Eight men jailed for three years over 'gay wedding'
The men appeared in a video that went online earlier this year.
'Long and passionate' gay kiss labelled breach of the peace
‘The charges would be laughable if they didn’t reflect exactly the anti-gay sentiment the activists are fighting.’
Daíthí rubbed noses with the New Zealand Rose and it was deeply uncomfortable
Ah yes, completely normal behaviour.
Ireland's teens mourn as Kiss magazine announces it's to close
Kiss is the only title aimed at teenage girls in Ireland.
23 things you'll only know if you went to University College Dublin
Keeping it South Side since 1854.
Genius finds excellent way to avoid kiss cam at basketball game
Nobody wants to be caught on the kiss cam. Luckily this guy came prepared.
Joe Duffy and Miriam O'Callaghan share deeply awkward gob lobbing moment
It’s excruciating.
9 words Irish people use for kissing
They really capture the romance of it all…or not. Actually they don’t at all.
Lobbing the gob: The MTV guide to amazing screen kisses
There are screen kisses and there are MTV screen kisses.
Nine charged with homicide over Brazil nightclub fire that killed 241
The two owners of the nightclub, three of their partners, two musicians who were performing on the night and a two firefighters have been charged over the blaze in January.
11 great tips for kissing girls, according to the internet
Including how your dirty boxer shorts can help!
Brazil nightclub owner blames country for fire
The tragedy raised questions about the reliability of safety regulations in a nation set to host the World Cup and Olympic Games.
Arrests made in Brazil nightclub blaze investigation
Local reports indicate that as many as 75 people are still in hospital in life-threatening conditions.
Brazil mourns victims of nightclub blaze
Officials said 233 people had been killed, with 116 more injured, many still fighting for their lives.
VIDEO: Here's what happens when you kiss an Italian handball athlete during a game
Ivan Stuffer was not happy following the incident in question.
Gay American football player says kiss got him booted
Eighteen-year-old Jamie Kuntz says he was kicked off his college football team in North Dakota for kissing his boyfriend at a game.
VIDEO: Barack and Michelle Obama caught on stadium 'Kiss Cam'
Here’s how a President locks lips.
You're selling what? 8 of the strangest items of celebrity merchandise
Grills, wine and… coffins. The weird and wonderful merchandise that celebs just love to sell.
Watch: This may be the worst first kiss you’ve ever seen in your life
One couple in a new reality tv show chose to wait until their wedding day for their first kiss – with somewhat unfortunate results.
Not tonight, ma cherie: Frenchman ordered to pay damages to wife for lack of sex
The unusual court ruling followed 21 years of marriage which the man’s ex-wife claimed was lacking in sex.