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August 2023
Spanish FA president criticised for kissing player
Jenni Hermoso has defended Luis Rubiales after he came under fire.
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Hertha Berlin players won't be punished for hugging and kissing
Belgian defender Dedryck Boyata kissed team-mate Marko Grujic on the cheek after his team’s first goal.
How to wear red lipstick when you think you're gonna get the shift
Can you successfully smooch wearing a strong lip without smearing it all over your kissing partner’s face? Louise has the answers.
This girl has been photobombing couples shifting for two whole years
Doing the Lord’s work.
Can We Guess What Age You First Got The Shift?
Try this highly scientific method.
A tour of Ireland in 11 different ways to say 'kissing'
All you need is love. And shifting.
Warnings Zika virus can make even kissing dangerous
The growing alarm over Zika comes as one million tourists are expected to join millions of locals at parties and parades in Rio.
Juliette Lewis had to ask Irish Twitter to explain what shifting is
Isn’t it obvious…?
14 pictures that prove Enda Kenny loves to lob the gob
Everyone from his wife to Angela Merkel. Our Enda loves a bit of smooching.
An Official Ranking Of The Most Acceptable Slang Terms For Kissing
Did you meet someone, or did you MEET someone?
8 facts about shifting that everyone should know
Happy National Kissing Day!
Two lads were also snapped kissing in front of that No protester in Dublin
Everyone’s SNOGGING.
8 things everybody thinks they're better than everyone else at
But they aren’t really. Sorry.
Weird Wide Web: Kissing with tongues, rose-tinted glasses and some terrified journalists
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
This 'kissing simulator' is the weirdest thing on the internet
And we can’t stop playing. HELP US.
Lad sets out to find the 'best shift in Ireland' on St Patrick's Day
Well that was easier than expected.
Fancy lobbing the gob on a total stranger? First Kiss Ireland wants you
Getting the shift just got a whole lot easier.
Horrifying or beautiful? Strangers are filmed kissing for the first time
Can you cope with this public gob lobbing?
8 awkward kisses we've all had to endure
The Nose Clash, the Tongue Warrior, the Kiss Limbo… we’ve all been there.
Column: Modern dating and the awkward question of who foots the bill...
There’s no excuse for women not coughing up when it comes to footing the bill for a date – an equal partnership means equality across the board, writes Aoife O’Connor.
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.
The Meryl Streep guide to smooching celebrities
She is the QUEEN of it.
You can now give people a big sloppy kiss... via Twitter
Digital smooching is now a reality.
9 words Irish people use for kissing
They really capture the romance of it all…or not. Actually they don’t at all.
The 12 bad kissers we've all experienced
Look, it’s not all candlelight and romance you know.
Column: 11 ways to handle your child's first teen disco
Are the scare stories about teenage discos really true? Sheila O’Malley has some advice on how to navigate this rite of passage.
11 great tips for kissing girls, according to the internet
Including how your dirty boxer shorts can help!
VIDEO: Dustin Hoffman lobs the gob on Niall Horan
Is there anyone out there who DOESN’T want a piece of One Direction?
Column: Body language – can it tell us what people are thinking and not saying?
Non-verbal communication is key at the beginning of a relationship, but it should be kept up, writes Lisa O’Hara.
VIDEO: Barack and Michelle Obama caught on stadium 'Kiss Cam'
Here’s how a President locks lips.