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The 12 unwritten rules of the lads' nightclub toilets

Where looking the wrong way might land you in a whole lot of trouble.

THE GIRLS’ NIGHTCLUB toilet, though it may seem to have no order, is governed by a series of unwritten rules that keep it from total anarchy.

You might think the lads’ bathroom is a simpler place, but you’re wrong. The Gents’ has unspoken laws too.

1. Embrace the ‘buffer’ urinal, if possible

NVArzuy Source: Imgur

Don’t choose the urinal right beside another lad if there are loads of urinals and stalls free. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

2. Don’t choose the middle urinal

3_urinals Source: Wikimedia

If there are three free urinals, don’t go to the middle one. You’re only forcing someone else to take the urinal right beside you, which is to be avoided at all times.

3. Consider your stance

urinals Source: Shutterstock/Kritchanut

If your stance is too wide, you might accidentally touch another man (the horror!). An angled stance could cause unwanted splashback. Consider all this before you tinkle.

4. Step in closer

F0Iw0 Source: Imgur

Don’t overestimate your stream.

5. Eyes to the front

giphy Source: Giphy


6. If someone farts, laugh

generaldierction Source: Tumblr

Clear the air, so to speak.

7. But chatting is not really encouraged…

f751014e9580e38338cc96498e154760 Source: Pinterest

It’s only really OK amongst men who are already friends, and only if they’re not in the process of peeing.

8. …Until after 12am

zoolanderjeepride Source: Photobucket

Then, the mens’ toilets transform into a place alive with the sound of lads becoming ‘best mates’.

9. Don’t spend too long at the mirror

funny-pictures-auto-carton-tv-366169 Source: Joyreactor

As it is in the girls’ bathroom, so it will be in the Gents. Mirror space is at a premium. Be sound.

10. Don’t harangue the toilet attendant

Bathroom_Attendant_Work_Station Source: Wikimedia

They deal with enough stuff without you and your mates adding to it.

11. Please wash your hands

washing hands Source: YouTube

People are judging you.

12. And do all this as quickly as possible

UTF-8BdHVtYmxyX2xrcW0wZW5BWnQxcWg1OW4wbzFfNTAwLmdpZg_zps3d3b0ee7 Source: Photobucket

Men turn to dust if they don’t do all they need to do in the bathroom in under three minutes. It’s a scientific fact.

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