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A US regulator's website crashed after John Oliver posted a video about it
John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight goes on air after a week of controversy – good controversy, though.
Remember when someone threw a dildo at a politician's head? John Oliver's response is glorious
The comedian has taken the bait and ran.
John Oliver's fake church inundated with thousands of donations
Last Week Tonight has been shining a light on televangelism.
John Oliver has made a sex ed video with a Breaking Bad twist
“The conversation that animals in zoos refuse to let you not have.”
Here is 'comedian fool' John Oliver's brilliant response to Fifa's Jack Warner
This one could run and run, after the Last Week Tonight host made another video.
John Oliver bought 4 minutes of Trinidadian TV ad space to get this message to Jack Warner
TV6 are raking in the cash these days.
John Oliver brilliantly discussed Ireland's same-sex marriage vote last night
The Pope got a wee shout out too.
'It's time, ma' - The marriage referendum gets the John Oliver treatment
And he doesn’t hold back on the Catholic Church.
Now's probably a good time to remind you of this epic takedown of Fifa
John Oliver touched on nearly every contemporary criticism of the organisation.
John Oliver explains why "April Fools' Day is to comedy as St. Patrick's Day is to Irish culture"
The jokes are coming.
John Oliver brilliantly tackled #YokeGate on his show last night
Can we all agree? From now on, whatever happens in Ireland stays in Ireland – right?
John Oliver brilliantly tackled #YokeGate on his show last night
It was bound to happen *covers eyes*